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1966 Plymouth Belvedere - Owner: Louie Wild

With the posting of the first weekly list of events for 2024, I hereby proclaim the Central Ohio car show season is now open for business.

Monday (April 1):

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Tuesday (April 2):

Wednesday (April 3):

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Thursday (April 4):

Friday (April 5):

Saturday (April 6):

Sunday - (April 7):

Check out the Save the Dates for 2024 page for the most comprehensive and best-organized list of future Central Ohio car events.

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Not much to write about in this week's report. The two car shows that took place in March were hit with rain and cold weather.

The Creative Auto Group/Advanced Auto Parts show on March 8th in Marysville, Ohio had four brave souls turn out for the show.

The next day the Miller Swap Meet/Car Show at the Ross County Fairgrounds in Chillicothe, Ohio had just 27 cars participate in the car show. Everyone who participated received an award. The swap meet faired much better since much of it was held indoors.

Not all was lost because of the weather. The Miller family presented Don Sparks whose Youtube channel goes by the name Go4Rider the "Beyond the Call of Duty Award" for his help promoting their events.

Rob Schrader who runs the Miami Valley Novas website had the honor of presenting the Miller family with the Ohio Automotive Event Preservation Award. This award goes to individuals or organizations that go above and beyond to promote automotive events in the State of Ohio. Congratulations to the Miller family!

That's it for this week. Special thanks to Jeff Shankle and Rob Schrader for their contributions to this week's report.

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1977 Ford Bronco - Owner: Tera Womack

Another Central Ohio car show season has come to an end. As we put the cars away until next spring, it's time to look back at the memories that were made during the season that just ended.

As always, I must state the usual disclaimer. The opinions expressed in the following paragraphs are mine. They are from the events I attended and the vehicles l saw. If you agree or disagree with anything I've written, please free to post in the comment section. I'd love to know your thoughts.


Okay, let's start off with some statistics about this past season.

  • From January through November, there were 1108 Central Ohio car events posted to Clearly enough to keep anyone that loves cars very, very busy.
  • The month with the most events was July with 222.
  • The month with the least events was November with 16. No surprise there.
  • The week with the most events was August 14 -20 with 56.
  • There was a new post on 36 out of 52 weeks this year. Yes, the website kept me pretty busy.
  • There were reports or mentions on 274 of the 1108 events listed on


I participated in 89 events in Ohio this year and I was a spectator at another four. This pales in comparison to the number of events these three Central Ohio cruisers participated in.

Jeff Shankle made it to 160 events breaking his personal best. Jeff Tolley did 240 car shows, cruise-ins, and swap meets. Dave O'Brien did a few more at 243 and says he still has some more to attend.

Left to Right: Dave O'Brien, Jeff Tolley, Jeff Shankle

I'm pretty confident no one else attended more events this year than those three. For Dave O'Brien and Jeff Tolley, it was almost a car show or cruise-ins every day.


Of all the car shows, cruise-ins, and meet-ups I attended this season, One stands out far above the rest. It was the Der Dutchman Cruise-in on June 8th celebrating the life of the late Luella Nisly, wife of Wayne Nisly.

That Thursday evening 617 cars and close to 1000 people were in attendance. The support from the Central Ohio car community for Wayne, Luella, and the cruise-in was amazing. Looking back at the crowd of people during the raffle drawing gave me goosebumps. It will be a cruise-in I will never forget.

Continuing with Der Dutchman, twice this year heavy rains overnight caused either cancellation of the cruise-in or partial closer of the main field because of standing water. This is the first time in the twelve-year history of the cruise-in that happened.

The Capital City Corvette Club's annual Vettes, Rods, and Classics in Gahanna, Ohio continues to be one of my top shows in the area. The Creekside District makes a great venue for a car show. Sprinkle in some "live" entertainment from the band Reeling in the Years. Then add in lots of community support, a great cause, and beautiful Corvettes and classic cars and you've got all the ingredients for a successful car show.

The Rod Knockers Car Club out of Marion, Ohio still managed to put on the best no-registration fee monthly car show in the area. The club did this despite a change in management at the Rural King which wasn't particularly car show friendly.

Sadly, the club announced after the last show in October that it had decided to take some time off to re-evaluate its direction moving forward. This means no more monthly car shows at the Rural King in Marion for the foreseeable future. These monthly shows will definitely be missed by a lot of folks in 2024.

Organized and promoted by Glayton Noggle, the Friday evening River Pop-up meets at Griggs Reservoir in Upper Arlington, Ohio turned out to be very popular by season's end. Clayton's military background made sure everyone followed the rules and it resulted in more people feeling comfortable enough to participate in the meet-ups. Attendance at the August 25th meet-up was estimated to be between 200 - 250 cars. Very impressive for a meet-up.

It's easy to take for granted Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals since it comes to town every year (2020 being the one exception). We are truly blessed to have an event like this in our backyard every July.

For anyone who loves cars, the show and the after-hours parties at the Crown Plaza and Polaris Hilton are like a kid in a candy store.

When it came to Goodguys Awards, Central Ohio was well represented this year.

Looking back, I participated in 14 events this year for the very first time. The one that stands out from the group is the Antique Car Show and Petroliana Swap on Memorial Day in Mt Victory, Ohio.

Cars parked all over people's lawns are something you don't see at many cruise-ins. Factor in the opportunity to view the oil and gas memorabilia in the outbuildings on Don Houchin's property and you soon realize the Mt Victory event is rather unique. I plan to go back next year.

Events that were my favorites in previous years, continued to be favorites again this year.

There's just something special about the cars, the crowd, and the venue that makes Columbus Cars and Coffee Arena District Meet something special.

If you own a Corvette or are into Corvettes, The Ohio Corvette Club Alliance Corvette Gathering in downtown Lancaster, Ohio is one of those events you definitely need to attend. It's essentially a BIG Cruise-in for Corvettes. This year the Gathering registered more than 400 Corvettes.

In July, the Toy Barn in Dublin, Ohio started hosting weekly meet-ups at the dealership. Each meet-up featured a different vehicle. One week it was All American Cars and Trucks. The next week it was BMW Night. After that it was Bourbon and Exotics, then Viper Night -- you get the picture.

I attended two of the meet-ups -- the All American Cars and Trucks and Corvette Night. Corvette Night turned out to be one of the most enjoyable events I did in 2023. I hung out that evening with Arch Mayer and Greg Hopkins, enjoyed a cold beer, and saw some beautiful Corvettes. Doesn't get much better than that in my book.

...continue reading "2023 Central Ohio Car Show Season in Review"


1938 Dodge 2 Dr Sedan - Owner: Bill Blackburn

The 2023 Central Ohio car show season has officially ended as far as judged shows. It was just posted on Facebook that there will be a cruise-in at Earthworks Cafe and Lounge in Newark, Ohio on November, 18th. If you're dying for one more car event before you put your car away, here you have it.

Here are the News and Notes from the final five Central Ohio car shows of 2023.

Creative Automotive/Advanced Auto Parts Car Show:

Often referred to as the "Wheelbarrow Fire Pit" car show, Creative Automotive Auto Sales and the Advance Auto Parts Store in Marysville, Ohio hosted its final show of the year on November 3rd.

There were 26 cars in attendance and $145 was raised for the Marysville Food Pantry.

Here are the six "Favorite" car picks for this month:

In addition to the car awards, Jeff Shankle presented awards for Cruiser and Co-Cruiser of the Year.

Rex Dillion, Tim Inscho, and I received Co-Cruiser of the Year awards. The three of us only missed one show. I was in Florida for the April show so I had a good excuse.

Left to Right: Rex Dillion, yours truly, and Tim Inscho

The Cruiser of the Year award went to Jimmy Carmean and Rick Jones. They both attended all eight Creative Automotive/Advanced Auto Parts shows this year. Rick has been Cruiser of the Year four out of the last five years.

Miller's Swap Meet and Car Show:

The 16th Annual Miller's Fall Swap Meet and Car Show took place on Saturday, November 4th at the Ross County Fairgrounds in Chillicothe, Ohio.

With plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 60s, the car show registered 171 vehicles.

I didn't go far into the swap meet area but from what I was told by those that did it was huge.

The car show presented a total of 40 award plaques -- "Top 20" for cars '87 and older and "Top 20" for cars '88 and newer. In addition to the plaques, there were 13 "Special" trophies and two Best of Shows -- one for '87 and older and one for '88 and newer.

The club participation award went to the Street Kingz Car Club.

Here are the "Special" trophy winners:

The Best of Show winners:

  • '88 and Newer - Custom 1995 Chevy Camaro - Owner: Bob Kirst

  • '87 and Older - 1967 Chevy Nova SS - Owner: Charlie Seymour

Notice that Charlie is standing with two trophies. The one with "Best of Show" at the top will stay with the show promoter. Each year the cars and owner names that received Best of Show will be added to the base of the trophy.

Final Thoughts: This was my first Miller's Swap Meet and Car Show. It was worth the hour's drive from Columbus. I liked splitting the awards into older and newer cars. In my opinion, it gets more people to participate in the show and adds a larger variety of cars. No one can argue that is a bad thing.

...continue reading "Central Ohio Car Show News and Notes for November 2023"

1957 Ford Fairlane 500 - Owner: Gary Simpson

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I have to start out this week's News and Notes by announcing the passing of several Central Ohio car community members.

Don Kirk passed away on October 7th at the age of 89. Many of you will recognize Don by his orange 1970 Chevy Nova. Don and his sons, Chuck and Dan, have been regulars on the Central Ohio car show scene for years. Don was still participating in car shows right up until his passing. Our condolences go out to the Kirk family.

Last year Max Spraque helped organize a car show at SVG Motors in Washington Court House to help raise money for Julie Posey. Julie was a veteran in need of a double lung transplant. Unfortunately, Julie passed away on October 10th. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Creative Auto Sales/Advanced Auto Parts Monthly Car Show:

Creative Auto Sales and the Advanced Auto Parts store in Marysville, Ohio hosted their October car show this past Friday.

With an evening of perfect weather, the show had 25 cars in attendance and raised $175 for the Milford Center Food Pantry.

This month the show awarded trophies to its six "Favorite" cars:

The last Creative Auto Sales/Advanced Auto Parts show of the season with be on Friday, November 3rd. Please note this is the FIRST Friday in November instead of the usual second Friday. Jeff Shankle is leaving right after the show for warmer weather in Florida. How dare he!

Performance Charity Car Show:

It was a wet Saturday for the 29th Annual Performance Charity Car Show in downtown Delaware, Ohio.

By noon there were 150 to 160 cars in attendance. Total attendance reached 168 by the end of the show. The number of pre-registered cars was in the 260 range so a good number of people stayed home because of the rain.

Some folks got very creative trying to keep their cars dry.

Dan Varner's 1960 Cadillac DeVille received the Best Cadillac Award.

Rod Scott received the Best Mopar Award for his 1958 Dodge D100 pickup and a Top 100 Award for his 1958 Desoto Firedome Sportsman.

At the awards presentation, it was announced that the 2024 show will again be the second Saturday in October.

KSM Youth Sports Trunk or Treat:

KSM Youth Sports out of Powell, Ohio hosted its first-ever trunk or treat car show on Sunday. Proceeds from the event went to support the Cure Starts Now, a grassroots effort to cure ALL cancers.

Chad Herrick and I attended the show not sure what to expect. Turns out the show was more treat than the trunk. The organizers said they had registered around 700 kids and I believe it. I went through a 350-piece bag of candy in under an hour.

The cars that were there had decorated trunks with bowls full of candy to give out. Chad had his crew of skeletons set up. Liberty Township even brought one of its fire trucks to the event.

The show presented nine trophies, six for the cars and three for costumes. Chad went home with the Best Theme and Attendees Choice awards. All in all, it was a fun afternoon for both the adults and kids.

Car, Truck, and Bike Show @ Walmart:

Doreen Baker and company held its last show of the season on Sunday at the Walmart in London, Ohio. This last show was a trunk-or-treat Halloween theme.

There were just under 40 cars in attendance. Cadillac Mac's 2015 Ford Coyote received the Best of Show award.

Dale Pearce's 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup took home the People's Choice award.

David Elliot's 1957 Chevy Bel Air and Russ Annis's 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS received Top 20 awards.

Wooden Nickel Cruise-In:

DJ Dick "Hot Dog" Ryman proceeded over the annual Wooden Nickel Cruise-In on Sunday at the Heart of Ohio Antique Center in Springfield, Ohio. An estimated 200 plus cars were in attendance.

For those not familiar with the wooden nickel, you can purchase one for a dollar at any show throughout the season when Dick "Hot Dog" Ryman is the DJ. The money collected from the sale of the nickels is then raffled off in increments at the Wooden Nickle Cruise-in at the end of the season.

This year there was a total cash giveout of $3850. There were 20 envelopes containing $100 and 37 envelopes with $50.

Jeff Shankle and Dave Bratton were kind enough to share their photos from the cruise-in. CLICK HERE to see the some of vehicles that attended the event.

Other Area Shows:

Unfortunately, the rain and cold temperatures this past weekend kept attendance low at many shows.

I'm going to finish this week's report with some photos from the Madison County Senior Center Cruise-in and the Central Township Firefighters Car Show.

A big thanks to the following people for sending photos and info for this week's News and Notes:

  • Dave Bratton
  • Dale Pearce
  • Jeff Shankle
  • Russ Annis

I hope everyone has a good week! Stay safe. Next Monday, look for a new list of Central Ohio car events and a News and Notes report. There are not too many weeks left in the season.

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2001 Pontiac Firebird - Owner Thomas Longfellow

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Der Dutchman Cruise-In:

Light sprinkles kept attendance down on Thursday. The total number of cars reached 120 cars by the end of the cruise-in. A lot of those cars came after 6 PM when the threat of rain subsided. Six of those cars were first-timers.

Only three more Thursday evening cruise-ins left in the season. This Saturday morning will be the annual Coffee and Donut Cruise-In. If you haven't had a chance to make it out this year, time is running out.

Creative Auto Sales/Advanced Auto Parts Car Show:

Creative Auto Sales and the Advanced Auto Parts store in Marysville, Ohio held their September car show on Friday evening.

The show registered 25 cars and raised over $100 for the local food pantries.

This month four cars received "Favorite" trophies. Three were selected by the manager of the Advanced Auto Parts store and one was selected by Jeff Shankle's grandson, MJ.

MJ's pick went to Ben LaWarre and his 1950 Chevy Truck.

The manager's "Favorite" picks were Chris and Ange Z. with a 1969 Ford Mustang, Jeff Guyer and his 1963 Ford Galaxie 500, and Nicholas Mathews with a 2016 Dodge Charger SRT.

Bud "Pockets" Carter Memorial Car Show:

Relatives of Richard "Bud, Pockets" Carter hosted a memorial car show in his honor on Saturday at the Der Dutchman Restaurant in Plain City, Ohio.

Bud, who passed away last November, was a lifelong "car guy". He was a member of Goodguys and the NSRA. He was a regular at the Der Dutchman Cruise-Ins on Thursdays.

The show in Bud's memory registered 62 cars. Everyone who registered a vehicle received a door prize ticket. There was also a silent auction and a 50/50 raffle.

Awards included 20 "Favorite" trophies plus trophies for Best Rat Rod, "Piston Man", Best Interior, Best Paint, and Best of Show. The Best Rat Rod and Piston Man trophies were handmade from car parts and tools.

Here are the "Special" Award winners:

The Best of Show went to Scott Varney and his recently completed Oldsmobile Super 88.

Springdale Baptist Church Hot Rods and Hot Food:

Springdale Baptist Church in Marysville, Ohio hosted its annual Hot Rods and Hot Food cruise-in on Saturday evening.

Approximately 20 cars stopped by during the evening. Hot dogs, chips, and water were available for a small donation.

It was a pleasant low-key evening relaxing with friends and talking cars. You need those kinds of car events now and again.

Empty Pockets Patriot Day Car Show:

The Empty Pockets Cruisers Car Club hosted its Patriot Day car show on Saturday.

There were about 60 cars in attendance.

The DJ's Choice went to the 1969 Dodge Charger R/T (General Lee) owned by Josh Wilkerson.

The Best of Show pick went to Kenny Hugues and his 1978 Lincoln Continental.

Hocking Township Firefighters Association Car Show:

With the help of the Lancaster Car Scene (LCS), the Hocking Township Firefighters Association hosted a car show at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds in Lancaster, Ohio. The show had 60 cars in attendance on Saturday.

The Old Goats Car Club received the Top Club Award. The club members also took home a good bit of hardware.

Mark Robinette and his 1972 Chevy Chevelle SS took home the Best of Show honors.

Marysville Walmart Car Show:

The Walmart in Marysville, Ohio hosted its 10th Annual Car Show on Saturday evening.

All proceeds from the show went to the Union County Military Family Support Group (

Sixty-five cars attended the show.

Steve and Carol Atwell's 1928 Ford Model A 2dr Sedan received the Manager's Choice Award (aka Best of Show). The Award also included a 50-inch flat-screen television.

The Capital City Church Classic Car/Bike Show and Fish Fry:

The Capital City Church in Lockbourne, Ohio held its 6th Annual Classic Car/Bike Show and Fish Fry On Saturday.

There were sixty entries.

Judging was done using a points system. Here is the sample judging sheet.

Awards were presented to the "Favorite 25" along with several "Special" Awards.

Best Bike went to Randy Armentrout with a 2017 Harley Davidson.

Don Kirk's 1970 Chevy Nova received the Pastor's Choice. Don is 90 years old and still "rowing gears"!

Carol Benson and Her 1963 Chevy C10 pickup was selected Runner-up Best of Show.

The Best of Show honors went to Craig Grunkenmeyer and his 1967 Corvette convertible.

Lite the Night Car Show:

The Lite the Nite Car Show took place on Saturday in downtown Newark, Ohio. The show has been a tradition in Newark for 38 years.

The event is organized by the family of the late Jim Matheny and the Newark Rodders Car Club. Proceeds from the show help support the lighting of the Licking County Court House during the holidays.

Four-foot and six-foot trophies are awarded to the most popular vehicles on display. Sponsors of the trophies assist with the judging.

This year the event registered 540 cars with 40 more cars participating that did not register. There were 30 four-foot and 40 six-foot trophies awarded at the end of the show.

Our good friend, Dale Pearce, and his 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup received one of the six-foot trophies.

Corvette Gathering:

The Alliance of Ohio Corvette Clubs held its 18th Annual Corvette Gathering in downtown Lancaster, Ohio on Sunday.

The event is one giant cruise-in for Corvettes. Everyone received a commemorative plaque and door prize ticket with their $15 registration fee.

There was also a silent auction and hourly 50/50 raffles. Vendors of parts, accessories, and services were also present.

With the weather on Sunday just about ideal, the Gathering registered 420 Corvettes.

Here's a little slide show from the Corvette Gathering. It was almost as fun checking out the vanity license plates as it is seeing all the Corvettes.

The Point on Main Street Patriot Day Car Show:

Shaun "Big Dawg" Sanders and the C-Town Cruises were once again at The Point on Main Street hosting their monthly show at the Sports Bar and Grill in Columbus, Ohio. This month the show was in honor of Patriot Day recognizing those who had lost their lives on 9/11.

There were 56 cars in attendance on Sunday.

Jeff Ward's 2002 Chevy S-10 Lowrider received the Most Patriotic award. Jeff also won the 50/50 raffle.

The Best of Show award went to Bart and Stephanie Triplett and their 2018 Ram 1500 Sport R/T with a supercharged Hell Cat engine.

Old Goats members took home some of the "Top 30" awards.

Crossroads Events Saturday and Sunday Car Shows:

The Crossroads Event team hosted two shows this past weekend. On Saturday, the team was at Deer Creek State Park. They were back in Lewis Center on Sunday for the monthly show at the Wings and Rings restaurant.

Dave Muller and his 1960 Rambler Classic received the Best of Show honors at the Deer Creek State Park show.

The "Spotlight" car for the Wings and Rings show was all Pontiac vehicles. GM and Pontiac expert, Steve Schaeffer, helped pick the Spotlight car.

Steve Wallace's 1976 Pontiac Trans Am took home the Spotlight Award.

The Larry Bickers Daily Driver Award went to the 1968 Chevy II/Nova of Ben Shirley.

David Elliot's 1957 Chevy Bel Air was picked Best of Show.

Steve Schaffer received a Special Lifetime Achievement Award for his years of dedication and service to the Central Ohio car community. Thank you, Steve!

All Ohio Ford Show:

The last show to report on this week is the 13th Annual All-Ohio Ford Show. Hosted by the United Ford Owners (UFO) Car Club, It took place on Sunday in Plain City, Ohio at Pastime Park.

There were 72 Fords in attendance.

Every car that wanted to be judged had to drive through a designated judging area where seven judges looked over each car. I don't know about you, but I like the idea of a judging area. No one can complain that the judges didn't look at your car.

Our good friend, Arch Mayer, and his Saleen Mustang received a Top Three pick and went home with a nice three-foot trophy.

That's it for this week's News and Notes.

A big thanks to the following people for sending photos and info about this past week's events:

  • Jeff Shankle
  • Dale Pearce
  • Arch Mayer
  • Chad Herrick
  • Frank Russel
  • Craig Grunkemeyer
  • Kenny G

I hope everyone has a good week! Stay safe. Look for a new list of Central Ohio car events and a News and Notes report next Monday.

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1960 Ford Thunderbird - Owner: Don Davis

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This past weekend was one of those rare occasions where TWO different cars received Best of Show awards on two consecutive days. Read on to find out what cars got back-to-back BOS awards.

Der Dutchman Cruise-In:

Der Dutchman had 231 attend this past Thursday's cruise-in. I was a little surprised more cars didn't turn out. The weather was great.

Creative Auto Sale/Advanced Auto Parts Car Show:

Creative Auto Sale, LLC and the Advanced Auto Parts store in Marysville, Ohio hosted its August car show Friday evening. There were 27 cars in attendance. The show raised $200 for the Milford Center Food Pantry.

This month the Advanced Auto Parts store manager picked his four favorite vehicles to receive a trophy. One of the trophy winners, Eddie and Rita Hampshire, drove from Indiana to attend the show.

Here are the manager's picks:

Gary Zuck Memorial Car Show:

The American Legion Post 677 in Lithopolis, Ohio hosted the very first Gary Zuck Memorial Car Show on Saturday.

Gary passed away in May of 2022. He was a member of Post 677. Over the years, he was instrumental in organizing car shows at the American Legion Post in Lithopolis. Gary was also a member of the Lancaster Old Car Club and acted as Technical Advisor for the '55 Fords in the Crown Victoria Association.

The show on Saturday registered 84 cars. There were awards for the Top 30 vehicles, five awards for years 2000 and up, eight specialty awards, and a best of show.

Judging was done on a scoring method with the top score being 40 points. Two pairs of judges looked at every car and determined its point score.

Here are the "Just Because We Like It" specialty winners:

The Best of Show award went to our good friend Russ Annis and his 1967 Chevy Chevelle.

Honor Flight Vance Outdoors Car Show:

Auto Smarts Radio and Vance Outdoors teamed up on Saturday to host its annual car show in Obetz, Ohio.

The show had more than 125 cars in attendance.

All the proceeds from the show go to Honor Flight. This year the show raised $123,500 for the organization.

Here are some of the vehicles from the show:

Dale Pearce received the Ladies Choice award for his 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup.

The Best of Show honors went to the 1955 Chevy 210 belonging to Bob Kraft.

Tomato Fest Car and Bike Show:

Ohio seems to have a plethora of festivals over the course of the summer. There's the Pumpkin Festival, the Strawberry Festival, The Walleye Festival, and the Bratwurst Festival just to name a few.

Reynoldsburg, Ohio bills itself as the Birthplace of the Tomato and has held an annual festival in honor of the fruit since 1966.

Part of the festivities is a car and bike show which as in previous years is hosted by the Big Dawg and the C-Town Cruisers.

This year the show registered 60 cars. Awards were presented to the Top 30 plus Best Truck, Best Motorcycle, Most Potential/Rat Rod, Junior Cruiser, and Best of Show.

The Best of Show award went to Barry McPeek and his 1932 Ford Five Window Coupe.

To see more cars and bikes from the Tomatofest show, CLICK HERE.

Dub Pub Car Show:

The Dub Pub Restaurant in Dublin, Ohio hosted its second Annual Car Show on Sunday.

The show registered 122 cars. Up from 78 cars at last year's inaugural show.

Proceeds from the show went to support the Back the Blue K9 Unit of Dublin, Ohio.

Awards were presented to the Top 35 vehicles plus Best GM, Best Ford, Best Mopar, Best Corvette, Best Import, Runner-Up Best of Show, and Best of Show.

These are the "Best of" award winners:

Runner-up Best of Show went to Mark Evans and his 1969 Chevy Camaro SS.

Russ Annis and his 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS for the second day in a row took home Best of Show honors.

Lewis Center Buffalo Wings & Rings Car, Truck, & Bike Show:

The Crossroads Events team was in Lewis Center, Ohio on Sunday for the monthly car show hosted by the Buffalo Wings & Rings Restaurant.

The Camaro was the Spot-Light car for this month's show. Mark Lester's 1967 Chevy Camaro RS-SS was the Spot-Light Car winner.

The Larry Bicker Daily Driver award went to the 1981 Chevy Camaro belonging to Tim Richards.

Tim Raines and his 1951 Ford F-1 Restomod went home with the Best of Show award.

Real Church Car & Bike Show:

There were 86 cars that registered for the Real Church Car & Bike Show in Pickerington, Ohio on Sunday. The show helped raise money for the charity "God's Garage".

Chad Herrick's 2018 Dodge Charger Dayton 392 received a Top 10 pick.

For the second day in a row, Bob Kraft's 1955 Chevy 210 took the Best of Show honors.

Hot Summer Nights Cruise-In:

Downtown Bellefontaine, Ohio on Saturday evening was the site of the Annual Hot Summer Nights Cruise-In. More the 300 cars were in attendance.

The cruise-in presented plaques to the "Favorite 50" cars. There was no best-of-show award.

Here is just a small sample of the cars that attended the cruise-in.