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If you've got a good case of cabin fever or are just itching for a car show, Creative Towing/Advanced Auto Parts will be holding their first show of the season this Friday (March 13, 2020).

The show will take place at the Advanced Auto Parts store at 1005 Delaware Avenue (Rt 36) in Marysville, Ohio. Registration is from 5:30 to 7:00 PM with awards presented between 7:30 and 8:00 PM. Registration is Free! All proceeds from door prize sales and 50/50 raffle go to support local charities.

The weather forecast calls for rain in the morning but it should be out of the area by the start of the show. Temperatures look to be considerably warmer than they were for the last Creative Towing/Advanced Auto Parts show last November. I'm told the wheelbarrow fire pit is still available if needed.

Any questions regarding the show, please contact Jeff Shankle (614-679-2287).

For a list of future Central Ohio car events, please check out The Save the Dates for 2020 page.


For the second year in a row, rain dampened the Annual Snowball Cruise hosted by the Mid Ohio Cruisers at the Burger King restaurant in Marysville, Ohio.

The only sign of snow was a dirty hunk of ice off someone's car sitting in the middle of the parking lot.

Despite the weather, over 30 people turned out for the Saturday afternoon cruise. However, only six cars actually registered to be judged.

Everyone attending the cruise received a 2020 classic car calendar compliments of O'Reilly Auto Parts and a dash plaque.

The Mid Ohio Cruisers raffled off door prizes and held a 50/50 drawing.

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The mid-engine Corvette Reveal Tour at Chesrown Chevrolet-Buick-GMC in Delaware, Ohio featured the all-new hardtop convertible.

A steady crowd of Central Ohio car enthusiasts got a chance to touch, feel, sit in and ask questions about the new C8 Corvette.

Even yours truly got the opportunity to set his rear end in the car for a few moments.



Now that the 2019 Central Ohio car show season has officially come to an end, it's time to take a look back at what was good, what was bad and what was ugly.

I managed to participate in 80 events this year. When you consider there were five weeks during 2019 where I didn't participate in any events, that's a pretty big accomplishment, even if I do say so myself.

I traveled more than 3000 miles to attend events in Centerburg, Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Gahanna, Hilliard, Johnstown, Lewis Center, Lockbourne, Marion, Marysville, New Albany, Obetz, Plain City, Powell, Springfield, Westerville, and Worthington.

Throughout the season, I took more than 9200 photos of cars, trucks, and motorcycles from around Central Ohio. Besides my car, Kevin Martin's 1962 Chevy pickup truck wins the award for the most photographed vehicle in 2019.

Before I get deep into the recap of this season, let me take a second to make the usual disclaimer:

The lists I'm about to present reflect my opinion and my opinion only of the events I attended in 2019. If you attended a show or cruise-in not on my list that you thought was exceptionally good, bad or ugly, please feel free to share it in the comments. Also, feel free to post a comment if you agree or disagree with any of my choices.

Okay, let's start with the GOOD.

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On Sunday, the Bull Frog Auto Spa in conjunction with Carlyle Racing, Jax Wax, The Street Racing Channel, and Horse Power Monkeys Race Team closed out the 2019 season with their annual food drive car show.

The show was held in the parking lot of the Tractor Supply Company in Johnstown, Ohio.

The show registered 28 vehicles. The registration fee was either $5 or two canned food items. There were door prizes and a 50/50 drawing to also raise money.

The food and $274 the show raised from registration, door prizes and 50/50 will be going to the Johnstown Northridge Community Food Panty.

The show presented five awards, one for each of the following classes.

  • Best Race Car
  • Best Muscle
  • Best Daily Driver
  • Best Female Driven
  • Best Overall
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An old wheelbarrow became a makeshift fire pit Friday evening to keep the 17 car and truck owners that turned out for the final Creative Towing/Advanced Auto Parts car show in Marysville, Ohio from freezing to death.

By the end of the show, temperatures had fallen into the mid to low 20's. Thank goodness there wasn't much wind or the evening would have been really brutal.

For this final show of the season, six awards were presented.

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You can imagine my surprise on Friday morning at seeing salt solution or brine all over the roads in my area.

There was no way to avoid the stuff traveling east and south bound from my house. By 10 AM Friday morning every street in my parent's neighborhood had been sprayed with the stuff.

I'm still trying to understand why the roads needed to be treated in the first place. The long term forecast didn't call for any snow. There was a slight chance of showers Saturday evening. Were local officials afraid the rain would freeze on the roads? Temperatures were predicted to be in the upper 40s at the time. And even if the temperatures did drop close to freezing, the ground and roads are still warm enough to prevent any ice from forming.

Since I couldn't get out of the area without encountering the salt, I made the decision to keep my Camaro in the garage this weekend. What a bummer!

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Steady rain all day Saturday postponed one area show and washed out two others. Luckily the showers moved out the area in time for the American Legion Canteen Southway Post 144 Trunk or Treat Cruise-in on Sunday.

The event hosted by the C-Town Cruisers was held at the American Legion Canteen Southway Post 144 on South High Street in Columbus, Ohio. Along with the cars, the show featured a kid's Halloween party and hayride.

The food special inside the American Legion Canteen included a pulled pork sandwich, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, green beans and piece of cake all for $8.00.

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My big debate on Saturday was whether or not to drive to Marysville, Ohio for the last Cruise-in with King in 2019 or stay closer to home and maybe see some different cars at the first-ever Rock & Rhythm Auto Show held at Eldorados Food and Spirits.

Since I had already attended four Cruise-in with the King this year, staying closer to home won the debate.

As far as seeing some different cars, be careful what you wish for. No question the Rock & Rythm show didn't disappoint in that regard. I can honestly say I saw my first Maliglu.

Not all the cars were quite as unique. There were some traditional-looking cars out of the 18 that registered.

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