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Central Ohio Car Events for September 27 to October 3, 2021

This week starts the last full month of the season. Many of the "on going" shows and cruise-in will hold their last event for the season this week and next month.

There are lots of trunk or treat events scheduled starting the middle of the October so get the Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy ready.

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Der Dutchman:

The unseasonably cold weather this past Thursday didn't deter 59 cars from showing up at the Der Dutchman Cruise-in in Plain City, Ohio. It was kind of weird to see everyone in long pants and coats again. Looking back, the last time coats were needed was the first cruise-in of the season back on May 3rd.

This Thursday will mark the very last Der Dutchman Cruise-In for 2021. The following week will be the banquet and then we'll have to wait until May 2022 for the weekly cruise-ins to resume again.

Marysville Muscle Cruise-In:

After Thursday's chill, the weather on Friday was just about perfect for the monthly Marysville Muscle Cruise-in at Honda Powersports in Marysville, Ohio. Chris stopped by with his 1970 Ford Torino GT, Jim drove his 800 HP Ultima RS, Ron arrived in his 1980 Z/28 Camaro, and Tim's 1968 Camaro made its return following a two year absence. Unfortunately, the food truck was a no show.

Two more cruise-ins are scheduled for the last Friday in October and November before calling it quits for the season. The weather will be the wild card for these last two meets.

Music in the Park Cruise-in Car Show:

Rained out in July, the rescheduled Music in the Park Cruise-In Car Show took place Friday evening at Stradley Park in Canal Winchester, Ohio . Hosted by the C-Town Cruisers, the event registered about 40 cars. Dale Pearce and his 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup truck received the People's Choice Award.

North Hills Car and Bike Show:

After skipping a year because of Covid, the North Hills Church of God in Springfield, Ohio resumed its annual Car and Bike Show on Sunday. The show had a record turn out with 203 registered cars and bikes . The turn out was so big, the church ran out of parking spaces and had to close registration early. Dick "Hot Dog" Ryman was the DJ.

Judging was done by everyone that registered a vehicle. If you've been a reader of this blog, you know I'm not a fan of participation judging. However, the way this show does it makes it a little more palatable. First, there is only one ballot per vehicle and the ballot has your car number on it. Second, participants can't vote for their own car, truck or bike. If they do, their entire ballot is null and void. And third, the ballots can not be turned in until after registration is closed. As with all participation judging, if you come with a club or group of friends you have a better chance of going home with an award.

Unfortunately, towards the end of the show a spectator's car pulled out of the church lot and hit an on coming car going east bound on Moorefield road. The hit spun the on coming car around 360 degrees where it hit one of the bikes parked close to the church entrance. It was a serious enough accident to require an emergency vehicle. Let's hope and pray everyone involved is okay.

Despite the commotion from the accident, the award presentation was only delayed by about 15 minutes. The Church presented awards to the Top 25 cars, the top five bikes, 10 special awards, and a Best of Show for cars and a Best of Show for Bikes.

David Salyers took the car Best of Show honors with his 1967 Pontiac GTO. David's car also received the Cook's Choice aware. The bike Best of Show went to a 1934 Harley Davidson VLD belonging to Craig Biniker.

If you'd like to see more from the North Hills Show, CLICK HERE to go to the show's photo page.

Other Area Shows:

  • Bill Repp and his 1972 Chevy Chevelle took Best of Show honors at the Saturday Night Cruise at Nik Fixx.
  • The Fire Department in Laurelville, Ohio registered 103 cars at their show on Saturday.
  • The Shamrock Club Classic Car and Bike Show had an excellent turn out registering 95 cars.
  • The 1956 Ford Parklane belonging to Kim Miklos received Best of Show at the Gahanna Community Church Car Show on Sunday. Our good friend, Dale Pearce, and his 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup took the Best Truck award.
  • If anyone attended the Sunbury Lions Club Country Cruise-In on Sunday, please feel free to post info about it in the comments.
  • This is the second week in a row I received an email from a reader who went to an event only to find out it was canceled. Last week it was the Cruisin' Classics Monthly Cruise-In. This week it was the Green Cables Cruise-In. I know this can be very frustrating. Groups post their show flyers all over internet but then don't post anything when they cancel. If I find out a show has been canceled, I try my best to get the word out. All we can do is ask that show organizers show some respect to the car community and let people know when their event has been canceled.

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14 thoughts on “Central Ohio Car Events for September 27 to October 3, 2021

  1. Jim colson

    The Sunbury car show was another rip off. They gave more than one award to the same people. Needless to say our club will never go back. They are so ignorant. When you please the minority and PISS OFF the majority by awarding multible awards to the same person .... DUH, nobody will go back. It just shows who ever is in charge must have the mentality of an IDIOT , and has no idea how to put on a good and fair car show. Some day they will have nobody show up with that kind of STUPIDITY.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Jim, Sorry to hear this about the Sunbury Show. You’re absolutely correct, giving cars multiple awards is a great way to kill a show. If it happens to one car you can kind of pass it off as a mistake tallying the awards. If it happens to more than one car, then it becomes a bigger issue.



  3. Doreen Baker

    It's unfortunate that shows give multiple awards to the same person. Like Kim said, if it's one, mistakes can happen. But more, absolutely it would be an issue. It may come to the point that the only ones that will attend those shows will be those who they award or those who don't know and won't go back.
    Not to plug my own show, but if your club wants to venture to London, OH on Oct. 15th 4pm-8:30pm, we do not double trophy. Trunk or Treat at London's Walmart! 🙂

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Yes, miscommunication can happen with the awards. At the North Hills show yesterday, the best of show winner also received the Cook’s Choice award. In this case, I think it was a matter of miscommunication. Whoever made the cook’s pick didn’t realize the car was also getting the Best of Show award. I’m giving the benefit of doubt that’s what happened.

      1. Chris Taylor

        Northwood Hills show should be a non issue on multiple awards to a single entrant. It was not a judged show, awards were won on votes. The cook picked the one he liked, just like everyone else.
        Sorry I did not see anything that said one award per car, I did see that you could not vote for your own entry, unlike some other non-judged shows.
        Congratulations to all that won and good luck to all that didn't get an award, and I hope the church keeps up the good work.
        By the way the food was excellent and priced right.

        1. Kim Hawksworth

          Chris, I'm going to respectfully disagree with you on this one. Whether it's participation judging or judging by selected individuals, it should be one award per car. In this case, the cook should have had alternate picks just in case his or her selection was picked to receive another award. Presenting awards to as many cars as possible is always better than a car going home with multiple trophies. Trust me, people noticed that the Best of Show received two awards. You can bet some folks will remember that and think twice about attending the show next year.

  4. Kevin Foust

    Even worse is when a judge gives awards to his friends when they are not even close to being deserved. I know at one monthly show the same judge gave a trophy to his girlfriend at every show. Don't think that word doesn't get around? People all over were telling me about it and said they would never go back and I don't blame them. I've seen him do it for years. Promoter would have to know their judge is doing it as they would come in together and be talking all day. Then they wonder why they can't get more than 100 cars to come. LOL

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Part of the problem I see with monthly shows and groups that put on multiple shows per season is that they're often caught between rewarding cars that routinely come to their events and judging all cars impartially. It's a fine line to walk, and if it's not, then the shows get a reputation that you have to be a friend of the promoter to get an award. Some groups seem to do a better job of spreading the love than others and are usually rewarded with better attendance.

  5. Jim

    The downtown Delaware show Friday night was fun. Not a huge turn out of cars but the location was awesome and the people were super nice. Even the cops were friendly! I'd definitely go there again.

    I tried to attend the C&C in Springfield on Saturday and couldn't find it. The parking lot behind COhatch was blocked. Looks like they might have a new meeting location at 99 N Fountain but I don't have FB account to verify? That said the drive to Springfield down RT 40 was brilliant. Good roads, no traffic and barring the Walmart, it was like taking a trip back in time. Wouldn't mind making that a regular run in the future if I can ever find the darned thing! 🙂

    Went to the Steve Austin auto group show after that. Equally Hallmark-y drive up RT 68. Turn out at the show was decent but the $10 to get in was a bit much as was the deafening music and the guy at the entrance collecting money pulling my door past the stops. I'm sure he meant well but c'mon man, rule #1 at a car show is don't touch my car much less try to pull the door off the hinges. I was pretty sour after that (and the 140db music) I only lasted about 15 minutes and left. On the upside the drive home rocked. That whole area around Mechanicsburg is one giant magical Ohio back road.

    Registered at the Toy Barn show for Sunday but didn't go because of the rain. I asked and was told it was 'rain or shine' but I'm kind of hoping they change their minds and re-schedule.

    Thanks again for the website Kim!

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Jim, Thanks for the info on the shows you attended on Saturday. I believe the Springfield Cars and Coffee have one more meet this coming Saturday. I'll try to confirm the location.

      I'm with you on the load music. Hearing loss is the last thing you want from a car show. Plus screaming over the music to carry on a conversation is not fun.

      I also registered for the Toy Barn Show on Sunday but didn't take either car because of the rain. Unfortunately, the show was not canceled. I drove my pickup over and roamed around the show as a spectator. I counted about 70 cars when I was there around 10 AM. I will be posting some photos in this week's report.

  6. dan

    Hi Kim... Just a couple responses and a comment. The gentlemen made a comment about the Sunbury show last Sunday. I agree about passing out multiple awards, and admittedly only once that has happened to me and I felt guilty, I really didn't want two. Typically I will not return to a show that give out multiply awards. I did attend the Sunbury show and never heard any ones name called twice. I know for sure they only gave out about 5 or less special trophies, myself receiving one of them and the others names was not called out later for another award. They ran through the awards ceremony pretty fast, maybe I could have missed it but I didn't see it happen at this show.

    As for the Friday Night show in Delaware. Comment was made not many cars were there. I live in Delaware and did not attend. The reason is that they barricade you in at 6:00 and will not let anyone leave until 9:00. Last month I attended and 2 cars wanted to leave at 8:00 and the police would not let them...they had already left their parking spot and the officer made them BACK UP to their original parking spot and the officer never offered to help. How unsafe was that around a large group of people ?? I don't see that sponsored event or the city as car friendly so I chose not to return.

    On another note about load music...I attended the Mario Knapp show on Saturday. Very nice show and turnout. Hats off and thanks to the group putting it on. One comment about the loud and offensive ghetto music being blasted from a show attendee. I was parked two cars away from that. I had hoped the show event would have done something about it. That attendee was rude and disrespect to anyone that had to listen to it. At awards time, they had to ask who ever has the loud music to please turn it off and they would not proceed until the blasting was off. Good for them.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Dan, Thanks for your feedback. I don't know the person who made the original comments on the Sunbury show or what club he is a member of. Obviously, he was not a happy camper after the show. I haven't participated in the Sunbury show the last two years so I can't really comment on the show's current state. I did the show four years in a row from 2016 to 2019 and never saw anyone get multiple awards. I was kind of surprised by his comments. But as you know, things can change.

      I received two positive comments about this month's First Friday event. I asked Dave Bratton if he had trouble leaving the show and he said no. Even asked the cop to move his cruiser which he promptly obliged. Go Figure.

      I know exactly what you mean about loud music coming from an attendee's car. I had that at Farrow's Hot Rods and Handlebars show a few weeks ago. The car owner parked diagonally from me insisted on playing his car stereo really loud. It was quite obnoxious. Good for the organizers of the Mario Knapp show to tell the person to turn off his music. People have lost all common courtesy these days.

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