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Central Ohio Car Events for August 16 – 22, 2021

The big event this week is the 38th Annual Arthritis Foundation Classic Auto Show on Friday and Saturday in Dublin, Ohio.


Der Dutchman:

The 40 cars or so that showed up at Der Dutchman on Thursday evening were treated to a 20 minutes downpour around 5 PM. With more rain threatening the area, the raffle drawing started at 6 PM instead of the usual 7:30 PM.

Creative Automotive/Advanced Auto Parts Show:

A Camaro and a Mustang received awards Friday evening at the monthly Creative Automotive/Advance Auto Parts Show in Marysville, Ohio. The show raised $45 for the Milford Center Trinity Chapel Food Pantry.

Buckeye Cruzin':

On Saturday, more than 125 vehicles registered for Buckeye Cruzin' at Ohio Stadium. Registration was $175. All of it went to Buckeye Cruise for Cancer - a very worthy cause as almost everyone has had cancer touch someone in their family.

Every car that registered got a photo taken of it in front of the rotunda on the north end of the stadium. Registrants were treated to a VIP breakfast provided by Porsche Columbus. There were several food trucks and a refueling station to keep everyone fed and hydrated.

The Triple F brought an assortment of exotic cars from their collection. I got to see a Pagani Huayra BC Macchina Volante in person. Say that five times in a row fast. Only 20 of them were produced at a selling price of $2.6 million each.

It was a great experience until several cars decided to rev engines. It's one thing to do a couple of quick revs but to continue it for 20+ minutes is a little much. One of the cars was behind my Corvette so every time the engine revved it blew black smoke at my car. I finally had enough and left. I hope the organizers put a stop to the revving next year. I will certainly point it out to them should I get the opportunity to do a post-event evaluation. Tell me what you think in the comments. Am I being too much of a "Debbie Downer" or does engine revving at car events annoy you too?

To see a bunch more cars from Buckeye Cruzin', click here.

Blendon Senior Center Car Show:

The Blendon Senior Center in Westerville, Ohio registered 76 cars for their show on Saturday. Food and refreshments were included in the cost of registration. Awards were presented to the top three vehicles in each of five categories - the 1940s and older, the 1950s, the 1960s, the 1970s, and the 1980s and newer.

Our friend, Dave Bratton, and his 1937 Ford convertible received the Best of Show award. Not only did Dave get a trophy but he also received a cash prize as well.

Click Here, for more photos from the Blendon Senior Center Car Show

2021 Tomatofest Car Meet:

More than 120 cars turned out for the Tomatofest Car Meet at Huber park on Saturday. The show, hosted by the C-Town Cruisers, was part of the 2021 Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival.

David Oiler took Best of Show honors with a 1935 Chevy Master Deluxe. The Best Truck award went to Josh Hiles with a 1968 Chevy C-10.

Obetz Nazarene Church Car Show:

Dan "Boots" Longenette and Pepsi's Auto Smarts Radio Cruise and Ride Tour made a stop at the Obetz Nazarene Church on Saturday. The show registered approximately 50 cars and raised $600 for the church.

The Pastor's Choice/Best of Show award went to Brian Spangler and his 1956 Mercury Montclair.

Cars and Cones Ice Cream Cruise-in:

Fifty plus cars showed up Sunday afternoon in the parking lot behind the Coldstone Creamy on Polaris Parkway in Columbus, Ohio. Everyone enjoyed the comradery with friends, the cooler temperatures, and of course, the ice cream.

Cruis'in O'Reilly Auto Parts at Harrisburg Pike:

Ron Wineka and The Pasttime Cruisers hosted their monthly show at the O'Reilly Auto Parts store on Harrisburg Pike in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday. Forty-Four cars attended the show. Dale Pearce and his "Ole Blue" 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup truck received the Manager's Choice award. It was a good weekend for our friends and awards.

Dan Emmett Car Show:

Shame on me, I missed an event last week. The Dan Emmett Car Show, part of the Mount Vernon, Music and Arts Festival took place on Sunday. I didn't see any advertisement for this event on Facebook or any of my other sources for car show information.

Despite an apparent lack of advertising, 120 cars knew about the event. There was no registration, judging, or awards. The organizers blamed Covid and said they hope to return to a normal car show next year. Here are some photos from the event.

Vettes, Rods, and Classics Car Show Update:

I received an email last week from Bill Boyd of the Capital City Corvette Club. Bill had some updated numbers regarding the Vettes, Rods, and Classics Car Show in Gahanna, Ohio.

There were 298 registered cars, however, 336 cars actually paid through the gate. The hot rods and classics outnumbered the Corvettes by 5%. Goes to show how well I can estimate. The Best of Show trophies were hand-delivered to the winners. All other award winners were personally called and the club was back at Creekside on Saturday to give out the remaining awards. Of course, all the proceeds from the show went to Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Once again I want to thank Dave Bratton, Jeff Shankle, and Dale Pearce for their help in making this report.

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17 thoughts on “Central Ohio Car Events for August 16 – 22, 2021

  1. Jim

    Kim, thanks for this website! It's number one in my bookmarks and most of my weekends are planned around the information here. Seriously. Thank you.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Jim,

      That's fantastic to learn that is your number one bookmark. I'm glad the site helps you plan your weekends.

  2. Brett


    ditto from all comments listed above.
    I appreciate the time and effort you put into attending these events and posting the information on the website.
    I echo the sentiments from others in our car group as well.

    B.O.S - Sertoma -Cruise In Pig Out - Powell Show

    1. Scott Gregory

      Great information. Thanks for all the hard work and the details on the shows.

      Scott Gregory
      Lancaster, Ohio

  3. John Old

    I had my car at Buckeye Cruzin' and definitely agree with you that all the revving got very annoying. Many car shows prohibit burnouts and unnecessary revving. Buckeye Cruzin' should do the same.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi John, I couldn’t agree more. It was a nice event until the revving got out of control. No one should expect their car to be doused in black exhaust smoke at a car show. Not one with a $10 registration fee and certainly not one with a $175 registration fee!

      I sent a message to Byers auto complaining about the engine revving and posted a comment on FB about. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a reply back from either.

      1. Jim

        Think you're mad about the revving? Wait until you see the pictures of your car at the rotunda - and then wait until you try to download them. Mine are overexposed, watermarked, a little soft, crooked AND locked. A pin may be forthcoming but as of right now you have to pay to download the pictures. The only way I'd even consider it is if the DL is a raw file that might let me adjust the exposure so my car doesn't look like the Malibu from Repo Man. LOL. Good times.

        1. Kim Hawksworth

          I have to admit I took the bate and paid for a low-res and a hi-res copy of each photo. I agree the image of my car in the low-res photos is soft. The hi-res photos have none of that softness. I couldn't download the hi-res photos. The owner of the studio had to send them to me via email. I was hoping they were RAW image files but they are jpegs. I plan to make prints to hang on the wall.

          What car did you bring to the event? I'd love to compare your photos to mine.

  4. Jim

    Too bad about the jpegs but glad your pics turned out okay!

    Won't lie - I'm pretty disappointed that I have to pay again for pictures I thought I had already paid for. And I almost wouldn't mind paying for them if they were good pictures but I could have taken significantly better shots with my phone. Had I known this was how it was set up, I'd have jumped out of the car and grabbed a quickie on my own. Fool me once Buckeye Cruizin'....

    I'm the blown out white Ultima RS in pic #64 and 65. 🙂

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Nice car. Not one you see at many car shows. Your car did attract a lot of attention on Saturday.

      To be honest, I too thought the photos in front of the rotunda were included in the $175 registration. The description was very misleading.

      I looked at your photos. Looks like there was some glare off the top of your car. It seems the later photos turned out a little better than the earlier ones. They had me come in at an angle and turn my wheels. My car is photo #272 and 273.

      If it's any consolation, I took a nice side-shot of your car. No glare off the top. If you want the full-size version, send me an email at

      Blown Ultima RS

      1. Jim

        Email sent. Thank you!

        The pics they took of your car are great. Wish I had gotten there later. 🙂

  5. Marina T. @ NMPL

    Now I’m in Ohio with my family and we were looking for some various fascinating places to visit. I’m just like my father into cars, especially classic ones, because they seem so aesthetic and have their own special vibe. And we couldn’t miss events dedicated to this theme. I really liked Buckeye Cruzin, but I agree with you that the black smoke from the car is really annoying. Also, we have been to the Tomatofest Car Meet and it was our most favorite event. The autos were so gorgeous and unique that I couldn’t take my eyes off them. What inspired and impressed me the most was that there were more than 120 cars and each of them had its own features and stood out from the others.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Marina, Welcome to Ohio. Next to Texas, Ohio has more car events than any other state. Hopefully, you have more opportunities to take in car events around the area.

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