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1985 Chevy Monte Carlo - Owner: George Felton

The big event this week will be the first of two Import Face Offs scheduled for Central Ohio this year. The event advertises itself as the "Largest Touring Import Race and Show Series in the Nation". If the weather is good, expect a big crowd at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio on Sunday.

Monday (April 17):

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Tuesday (April 18):

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Wednesday (April 19):

Thursday (April 20):

Friday (April 21):

Saturday (April 22):

Sunday - (April 23):

For the most comprehensive list of future events in Central Ohio, check out the "Save the Dates for 2023" page. There's also a quick link in the menu at the top of the page.

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Creative Automotive/Advanced Auto Parts Car Show:

Creative Automotive and the Advanced Auto Parts store in Marysville, Ohio hosted its first car show of the season on Friday evening.

The show had 36 cars in attendance and raised $235 for Cindy and JP Culp Jr who lost their father, Doug, to cancer last week.

This first month's "Favorite" picks went to:

Cruisin' with the King:

The Mid Ohio Cruisers Car Club held its first Cruisin' with the King show of the season Saturday evening at the Burger King on Route 31 in Marysville, Ohio.

The club registered 70 plus cars. Awards were presented to the club's 15 "Favorite" cars from those that were registered. There were door prizes and a 50/50 raffle. And if you got hungry and/or thirsty, Burger King was right there.

Here are a few of the cars from Saturday's show:

Columbus Cars and Coffee at the City:

It was another packed parking lot on Saturday morning for Columbus Cars and Coffee at the City Apartments. This week had a little more excitement than normal as two cars decided to blow hoses. One blew the power steering hose and sprayed power steering fluid all over a hot exhaust causing quite a bit of smoke. The other car blew its radiator hose and dropped coolant all over the parking lot.

Fortunately, most of the cars on Saturday morning kept their hoses intact.

Special Request:

If anyone planning to attend the Import Face-Off next Sunday would like to send photos and a brief write-up about the event, I will be sure to include it with next week's report. Email photos and write-ups to

I want thank Jeff Shankle, Dave Bratton, and Dale Pearce for their help with his week's report.

I'll close with some of the cars that attended the Car Guys Sonic Friday Nights in Hebron, Ohio, and the Columbus Cars & Coffee at Starbucks in Westerville, Ohio on Sunday morning.

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