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Central Ohio Car Shows, Cruise-Ins, & Meet-Ups for June 10 – 16, 2024

1973 Corvette - Owner: Mike Lloyd

This week has a full slate of shows on Saturday. Sunday is a little light because of Father's Day.

Monday (June 10):

Tuesday (June 11):

Wednesday (June 12):

Thursday (June 13):

Friday (June 14):

Saturday (June 15):

Sunday (June 16 - Father's Day):

Check out the Save the Dates for 2024 page for the most comprehensive and best-organized list of future Central Ohio car events.

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This week's report covers a wide area of shows from Coshocton to Urbana, Ohio.

Der Dutchman Cruise-In:

The restaurant's weekly cruise-in had the largest attendance so far this season with 413 cars.

This week's cruise-in was a memorial to loved ones who are no longer here. A table was set up by the food/registration shack so that people could display memories of their friends, family members, or whoever they wanted to remember.

Wayne Nisly who manages the cruise-in announced that milkshakes have been added to the menu.

This week's unique/unusual vehicle award goes to Charlie O'Neill and Tom Thompson for their Burgundy Bandit. The entire place paused for a moment when they fired it up to take it off the trailer.

Empty Pockets Cruisers Dave & Busters Car & Bike Show:

The last time the Empty Pockets Cruisers Car Club hosted a car show at Dave & Buster's Restaurant in Hilliard, Ohio was June 13, 2021. After a two-year hiatus and a completely remodeled Dave & Buster's, the club returned on Saturday to host another car show at the restaurant.

This year the club registered 109 cars. Jim McGruder was again the DJ and MC for the show.

The club presented a total of 50 award plaques. There were 45 "Favorite" awards plus five "Specialty" awards. The "Specialty" awards included Favorite Motorcycle, DJ's Choice, Dave & Buster's Choice, Sponsors Choice, and Empty Pockets Cruisers Choice, a.k.a Best of Show.

The Favorite Motorcycle went to William Russell with a 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide.

The 25th Anniversary 1992 Chevy Camaro RS belonging to Mark Schlueb received Dave & Buster's Choice Award.

Jim McGruder's DJ's Choice went to Christopher Gibbs with a 2016 Dodge Challenger Shaker 392.

Rod Scott and his 1958 Dodge D-100 Sweptside pickup received the Sponsors Choice.

The Empty Pockets Cruisers Choice (a.k.a Best of Show) was Robert Rutowkski's 1971 Pontiac GTO.

Immaculate Conception Parish Car Show:

The Immaculate Conception Parish in Columbus, Ohio held its 6th annual Car Show on Saturday.

The show registered 38 cars. There was a total of nine awards, Five trophies for People's Choice and four "Show Favorite". The People's Choice awards included Best Paint, Best Engine, Best Interior, Best Overall and "Cutest".

Best Interior went to John Hughes with a 1966 Volkswagon.

Jack Leffel's 1940 Ford pickup received the Best Engine Award. You may remember Jack's pickup from the May 28 to June 2, 2024 News and Notes where it was picked as the Unique/Unusual vehicle at the Der Dutchman Cruise-In.

The 1966 Corvette belonging to Fred Davis was voted Best Paint.

Dave Bratton's 1937 Wild Rod Ford was voted "Best Overall", a.k.a Best of Show.

Here are more cars from the show:

Cruise-In • Brews 2024:

The Pickerington Lions Clubs and Combustion Brewery & Taproom with the help of Big Dawg and the C-Town Cruisers hosted the 2024 Cruise-In • Brews Car Show on Saturday in Pickerington, Ohio.

There were 100 cars in attendance. Best of Show went to Doug Porter and his 1966 Chevy Nova.

Corvettes at Roscoe Village:

I don't normally list or cover shows east of Newark, Ohio. But I make an exception for the All-Corvette Show at Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Ohio. As you'll see, there's plenty of interest in this event from Central Ohio cruisers to include it on the list each year.

The show is put on by the Classic Glass Corvette Club. The historical Roscoe Village makes a very unique venue for a car show.

This year the club registered 187 Corvettes. Awards were presented for first, second, and third place for each generation of Corvette except for the 8th generation. That generation had a 4th place award. There were also "Specialty" Awards and a Best of Show.

Here are the Central Ohio cruisers that won awards:

Quentin Sayers received the 2nd Place Award in the C3 Category for his 1969 Corvette.

2nd Place in the C5 Category also went to Quentin Sayer for his 2000 Corvette driven by Miss M.

Jim McGruder's 2020 Corvette Stingray received 4th Place in the C8 Category.

3rd Place in the C8 Category went to Jeff Irwin's 2024 Corvette Z06.

Steve Kidwell and Nancy received the Classic Glass Corvette Club Choice for their 1954 Corvette.

The Street Elite Corvette Club received the Club Participation Award.

David Hahn and his 1954 Corvette took home The Best of Show honors.

Overall, it was a well-organized show at a unique venue. My only complaint which is common to most downtown shows is not being able to hear the PA announcements if you happen to be parked at the far ends of the street. I missed the first part of the award ceremony for that very reason.

Here are more Corvettes from the show:

Auto Smarts Radio Cruise & Ride at Moose Lodge 1427:

Dan "Boots" Longenette and the Auto Smarts team were at the Moose Lodge 1427 in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday for the first of two car shows this season at the lodge.

There were 48 cars in attendance.

Here are some of the award winners:

Dale Pearce and his 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup received the Best Truck Award.

Best Street Rod went to Dave Bratton and Lou for their 1937 Wild Rod Ford.

Robert Brown and his 1959 Chevy Biscayne received the Moose Lodge Pick.

The Best of Show Award went to the 1969 Chevy Chevelle convertible of John Shook.

Crossroads Car, Truck, & Bike Show at Wings & Rings:

On Sunday, the Crossroads Events Team was back at the Wings & Rings Restaurant in Lewis Center, Ohio.

This show marked the start of the third season of the Crossroads/Wings & Rings partnership.

The Best Veteran-Owned Vehicle Award went to Steve Schaeffer and his 2020 Dodge Challenger

The management of Wings & Rings selected Daryl Newby's 1974 Volkswagen Thing as Best of Show.

The Crossroads Events Team's next car show will be at the Steak 'n Shake in Newark, Ohio on Saturday.

Matt Hadden Memorial Car Show:

The final show to report on this week is the Matt Hadden Memorial Car Show. The show took place on Sunday at the Rittenhouse Resort in Urbana, Ohio.

Hosted by the Urbana Cruisers, the proceeds from the show went to a trust fund for a 4-year-old girl who lost her father. The Urbana Cruisers plan to host another show next year with the proceeds going to a different person.

This year the show registered 225 cars. There were awards for the Top 40, Muscle Car, Motorcycle, All Original, the 20s & 50s, 60s & 70s, 80s and Newer, Top Jeep, and Best of Show.

Kevin Foust's 1941 Dodge WC 40 Military Weapons Carrier received the Best 20s - 50s award.

Best of Show went to Chad Hilderbrand and his 1961 Chevy Impala.

That's it for this week. A BIG THANKS for their help and photos go to Dave Bratton, Frank Russell, Jeff Shankle, Chad Herrick, Dale Pearce, Jim Sradeja, and Kevin Foust.

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