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Wooded Area is Preferred Parking Spot For Firecracker Show

With temperatures in the low 90s, and humidity pushing 100%, and zero breeze to speak of, the majority of participants in 21st Annual Firecracker Car, Truck and Bike Show in Urbana, Ohio chose to park in the wooded area surrounding Skelly Lumber rather than the open field. The annual 4th of July car show hosted by the Champaign Cruisers registered 472 vehicles this year.  This was down from the 640 cars and trucks that registered for last year's show.  No doubt the heat and humidity had an effect on attendance.  It was beastly hot even in the shade!

Prior years the president of the Champaign Cruisers Car Club was the lead organizer of the show.  This year organization was turned over to a committee of club members. I'm please to report that the committee didn't miss a beat.  This is one of the best organized shows you'll ever attend and this year was no exception.

The show is also a pretty good bargain.  The $10 registration fee automatically enters you in the drawing for door prizes (most of which are gas cards) and the drivers pot.  One lucky participant went home after the show $472 dollars richer. The show also claims to be largest 50/50 raffle drawing in the area.  The winning half on Wednesday was over $1000 dollars making this claim hard to refute.

There were plenty of food choices.  I counted no less than nine food vendors at the show. They offered everything from kettle corn to pizza.


One of the cool things about going to show an hour away from home is the opportunity to see a lot of vehicles you haven't seen before. The Firecracker show attracts cars from central and western Ohio, Indiana and even Kentucky.

You'll find some interesting vehicles at this show.  Like this "blown" 1962 Nash Metropolitan. I think the engine weighs more than the car. Or how about this "blown" and "slammed" 1993 Chevy dulleyIt's also fun to see cars you never knew existed. Like this 1981 diesel Chevette. A few two and three wheeled vehicles made it out to the show. The most unique vehicle (I say that tongue in cheek) of the show has to go to this three wheeled 1974 Porsche 914 affectionately referred to as "Frankinfink".


Naturally a show of this size  attracts some outstanding cars and trucks.

The club presented 70+ "Judges Favorite" trophies, an In Memory of Our Veterans pick and Best of Show.

Here's a sampling of the Judges Favorites:

1977 Ford Granada - Owner: Roy McConnell 1968 Ford Shelby GT 500KR Convertible - Owner: Gene Evans 1955 Chevy Bel Air - Owner: Rollan Williams 1964 Chevy Nova - Owner: Jerry Collins 1957 Chevy Bel Air - Owner: Tom Smith1955 Chevy Bel Air - Owner: Jeff Shankle 1967 Chevy Chevelle SS - Owner: Russ Annis 1966 Mercury Cyclone GT - Owner: Rock Powers

In Memory of Our Veterans Trophy
1939 Ford Vicky - Owner: Larry Scaggs 

1957 Chevy Special Delivery Wagon - Owners: Bill and Donna Clark


For $10 and the price of gas to drive to Urbana and back,  there's not a better way for a car enthusiast to spend the 4th of July.

I rated the Champaign Cruisers 4th of July Car Show as my number one registration fee car show last season.  It will be hard to displace it from that same ranking again this year.

2 thoughts on “Wooded Area is Preferred Parking Spot For Firecracker Show

  1. Chris Taylor

    Thank you for the kind thoughts and recap of the Champaign Cruisers carshow.
    Cruiser member

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Chris, You're welcome. I've been to your show the last two years and I've really enjoyed it both times. Your club does a phenomenal job hosting the show. I can always count on seeing a handful of unique and unusual vehicles at the Firecracker show.

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