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Weekend Report: Two Cruise-ins, Two Judged Shows

I managed to do two cruise-ins and two "judged" shows this week.

The first cruise-in was, of course, Der Dutchman on Thursday evening.

The threat of severe weather kept attendance down this week. Still, the cruise-in managed to register 80 vehicles. Ten of the 80 were first-timers.

The Ford Falcon was the unofficial "featured" car this week.

Wayne held the raffle drawing for cookies, pies, cakes, and gift card an hour early because radar showed rain on the way to Plain City. Fortunately for the cruise-in, the rain went south and east of the restaurant.

St. Elizabeth Parish Festival Car Show

The first "judged" show was the St. Elizabeth Parish Festival Car Show. The Parish is located off of Sharon Woods Blvd. in Columbus, Ohio. The festival is a two-day event (Friday and Saturday) with the car show on Friday.

This was my first time participating in the show. I understand that in years past it was a much larger show with more than 100 cars in attendance. After a slow start, the show ended up with 44 registered vehicles.

I was a little surprised to see only three cars above the year 2000. The three included my car, a 2016 Corvette Z06, and 2004 Cobra kit car. There was a late model Mustang that drove through the parking lot around 5 PM and left. I began to wonder if the show had a reputation for being for older cars only. My car picked up one of the favorite awards and the Cobra received one of the special awards so there didn't seem to be a bias against late model cars.

Speaking of awards, the Parish presented 28 total awards - 25 "Favorite" and three "special" awards. The special awards included Pastor's Choice, People's Choice and Best of Show.

Besides my car, here are some of the other "Favorite" winners:

Special Awards

Pastor's Choice
1960 Chrysler 300
Owners: Neal & Janice Thomas

People's Choice
2004 Ford Cobra Kit Car
Owner: Nick Zeyen

Best of Show
1928 Ford Model A
Owner: Mark McGlove

Cars and Coffee at Lennox Town Center

Saturday was my Father's 91st birthday. My family had a small party planned for him at 5 PM so I had to do something that finished early in the afternoon. All the shows in the area were at least a 30-minute drive and advertised their award ceremonies around 4 PM or later. That left me with the two Columbus Cars and Coffee in the morning as my best options. I ended up picking the cars and coffee at Lennox Town Center

It has been more than two years since I was last visited the parking area on a Saturday morning around the AMC Theater at Lennox Town Center . Nothing much has changed. There's still an unusual mix of cars that show up for this informal cruise-in. This Saturday seemed to have a greater number of classic cars than the previous cruise-ins I attended.

There were well over 100 vehicles at the peak of the morning.

Two cars that really caught my attention were a yellow Packard convertible and a beat-up 4th generation Camaro drift car that went by the name "Door Hunter".

If you're looking for cars not normally seen at most shows or cruise-ins around the area, look no further than the Saturday morning cars and coffee at Lennox Town Center. For me, it has yet to disappoint.

Auto Smarts Radio Cruise & Ride at Eldorado Scioto Downs

My second judged show of the week took place at Eldorado Scioto downs in south Columbus.

This was my first Pepsi's Auto Smarts Radio Cruise & Ride show of the season. Originally scheduled for August 24th, the show was rescheduled to Sunday (August 11).

The combination of good weather and the only "open" show in the Columbus area contributed to a higher than expected number of registrations. You know you have good participation when you have to go to photocopied window/dash plaques.

The final registration count ended up being 120 vehicles.

Dan "Boots" Longenette and the Auto Smarts crew presented 40 awards.

Auto Smarts Picks:

Jegs Picks:

Not Pictured: 1975 Chevy Monte Carlo - Owner: Jeff Whitney; 1966 Ford Mustang: Owners: Dennis & Cookie

Pepsi Picks:

Best GTO
1971 Pontiac GTO
Owner: Jeff Shankle

Best Modern Muscle
2017 Camaro ZL1
Owner: Yours truly

Best GM
1935 Chevy 3 Window Coupe
Owner: Ralph Shillingburg

Most Unique
1956 Mercury
Owner: Marvin Salyer

Best Ford
1965 Ford Thunderbird
Owner: John White

Best 50's Cruiser
1947 Buick Super
Owners: Mike & Sandy Gibson

Best Mopar
1973 (All Original) Plymouth Duster/Twister
Owner: Jackie Hiles

Best Modern Mopar
2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat
Owner: Terry Smith

Best Modern Ford
2014 Ford Mustang Saleen
Owner: Jason Noble

Best Mustang
2010 Ford Mustang 427R
Owner: Bob Jordan

Best Chevy Corvette
1969 Corvette
Owner: Craig Grunkemeyer

Best Tuner (aka Import)
1974 Volkswagen Thing
Owner: David Jahn

Most Radical
1986 Chevy Monte Carlo
Owner: Rusty Brown

Best Camaro
1968 Camaro SS
Owners: Rich & Tami Hamlin

Street Machine
1969 Dodge Dart GT
Owner: Dan Kirk

Best Engine
1968 Chevy Chevelle
Owner: Andrew Van Ert

Best Paint
1969 Chevy Camaro
Owner: Deryl Seward

Best Interior
1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe
Owner: Nick O'Day

Best Truck
1961 Chevy Apache
Owners: Alan & Mary Slater

Just Because We Like It
1974 Chevy Corvette
Owner: Harry Ables

Best Chevy
1962 Chevy (409) Bel Air
Owner: Pete Leib

Boots Pick
1978 Chevy C-10 Pickup
Owner: Larry Osborne

Tri-Five Pick
1955 Chevy
Owner: Gene Whetsell

Manager's Pick
1962 Chevy Pickup
Owner: Kevin Martin

Best of Show
1969 Chevy El Camino SS
Owner: Dane Conley

Overall I'd give the Auto Smarts Eldorado Scioto Downs show a solid A. There were lots of great cars. Lots of different award categories. And Jim McGruder did another great job as DJ.

My only minor complaints were the distance to the food and restrooms, and no trash cans in the parking area. A snack cart showed up around noon which I took advantage of twice. Otherwise, a great show.

Other Weekend Shows

Pepsi's Auto Smarts Radio Cruise & Ride at the Nazarene Church in Obetz, Ohio on Saturday attracted 40 cars.

Best of Show went to Craig Strauss and his 1969 Chevy Chevelle SS.

The Open Car Show for Wounded Warrior Project at the Big Walnut Grill in Sunbury, Ohio registered 164 vehicles on Saturday.

I also received a report that more than 340 cars showed up for the Hot Summer Nights Cruise-in held in downtown Bellefontaine, Ohio on Saturday evening.

This concludes this week's report. Next Saturday (August 17) will be the busiest Saturday for events this season. Check back for the Upcoming Events post for a list of all the shows on tap for this week.