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Weekend Report (July 5 – 7)

Sorry, I don't have much to report on from the July 4th weekend.

I drove to Tee Jay's restaurant at the corner of Morse Road and High Street Saturday evening only to find out the show had been canceled that morning because of the threat of weather.

To say I was a little perturbed at finding the show canceled would be an understatement. I had been on the Facebook pages of both and Ohio Car Shows and Cruise-In multiple times Saturday afternoon and there were no postings indicating the cancellation.

All I can say is there's got to be a better way to get the word out when a show is canceled. I suppose you could argue that I was the idiot for not calling the restaurant before driving over. In all fairness, it was perfectly sunny (although hotter than blue blazes) when I left the house. Radar showed most of the showers were north of Columbus, and the hourly forecast called for only a 10-20% chance of rain during the show hours. Fortunately, I live less than 6 miles from the restaurant so it wasn't a long drive. And I did manage to catch my friend who lives on the west side of Columbus before he left the house.

I guess you can chalk it up as one of the risks of doing car shows in Ohio during the summer months.

Vintage Auto Club of Delaware First Friday

Marty Ruiz was kind enough to send me the link to the photos he posted on his Facebook page from Vintage Auto Club of Delaware First Friday cruise-in at Freddy's Restaurant on Route 23.

It looks like they had about 20 cars show up. Given how hot and muggy it was Friday evening, that's not bad.

Auto Smarts Radio Cruise and Ride at Massey's Pizza

Pepsi's Auto Smarts Radio Cruise and Ride 2019 show tour made its way to Massey's Pizza in the Indian Mound Mall in Heath, Ohio on Sunday.

The show registered 65 cars. Best of Show went to this numbers matching 1958 Corvette Roadster belonging to Jane and Dave Winkle of Granville, Ohio.

That's it for this week's report. As I wrote at the beginning, it was short sweet and to the point.

This week the "Big Dog" in town will be the 22nd Annual Goodguys PPG Nationals at the Ohio State Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio. I've been wanting to do the All American Sunday event for the past four years. My goal is to finally do it this year. Hopefully, the weather cooperates. Look for a substantially bigger report next week.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Report (July 5 – 7)

  1. Kevin Foust

    As far as our page, Ohio Car Shows and Cruise Ins, not having alerts of cancellations, A lot of the shows posted in the "events" section were posted by members or us who had/ saw a flyer. We don't know about it either so please understand our end of it. I do not take the time to call every flyer for that day, just the one I plan on going to if it is questionable. I do agree, promoters SHOULD update their shows if that happens. Some may not know it is posted on our page. We have a hard time getting promoters to promote their own shows in the event section the way it is! LOL

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Kevin, I apologize if my comments came across blaming Ohio Cars Shows and Cruise Ins for not posting notification of the cancellation. I completely agree that should be the responsibility of the show promoter and not your website.

      Someone had posted a flyer promoting the show. I assumed it was the show promoter and didn’t understand why they
      Hadn’t posted a notification that the show was cancelled. But as you point out the flyer could have been posted by someone other than the promoter. I guess the best advice when there’s a chance of a weather cancellation is to call the venue or promoters before heading out.

      1. Max Sprague

        Hello, I am the founder of the Ohio Car Shows and Cruise In page. We do ask that every flyer or event be accompanied by some form of contact information and we reccomend that you do call ahead if there is a chance of questionable weather. Our page is 100% member driven and we consider it both an information page to promote shows, cruise ins or poker runs and a club.

        We are working with a centrally located club to host a meet and greet event so our members can actually get to know each other and share their rides with each other. It will be early next summer. We will make the official announcement as soon as possible.

        Have a Blessed Day

        1. Kim Hawksworth

          Hi Max, No question the best practice is to call whenever there's a chance of any questionable weather. I understand that these promoters have a tough call to make when it comes to calling off an event because of the weather forecast. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't. No one wants to do all the setup only to have a few cars turn out because of bad weather. And as Shaun "Big Dawg" Sanders pointed this week, no one wants anyone hurt at their show because of the weather. I get all that.

          My complaint was the promoters of Saturday's show supposedly called it off Saturday morning. They had ample time to send me an email so I could update this website and/or post a cancellation notice to your Facebook page. It appears they made no attempt to do either of those things. That's what got me a little perturbed.

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