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Weather Forecast Once Again Cancels Weekend Car Shows

For the second week in a row, the weather forecast played havoc with car shows scheduled for the weekend.

After two consecutive months of record-breaking attendance, The Creative Towing/Advanced Auto Parts show on Friday evening in Marysville, Ohio got hit by area rain showers.  Only nine cars managed to dodge the rains drops and make it to this month's show.

A line of storms north of Marion, Ohio on Saturday morning put a damper on the two shows scheduled in Bucyrus, Ohio.

Sunday wasn't any better. The On the Rocks show in Dublin, Ohio and the Whitehall VFW Post 8794 show were postponed and cancelled because of the threat of storms in the afternoon. (As I write this at 2:14 pm on Sunday not a single rain drop has fallen).

It's just a fact of life that outdoor events scheduled during the spring months in Central Ohio run the risk of bad weather spoiling the fun.


Fortunately, the weekend wasn't a total bust. Two shows held at locations inside the  I-270 outer belt around Columbus, Ohio were able to avoid any bad weather.


3rd Annual Immaculate Conception Parish Car Show

I don't know about you, but there are some days when you're just in the mood for a "low-key", relaxing car show.  That's how I would describe the 3rd Annual Immaculate Conception Parish Car Show I attended on Saturday.

I think the forecast kept some cars at home as the show only registered 34 vehicles.  This was down from the 46 that registered last year. There were a number of cars that showed up but didn't register or stay for the entire show. This Delorean and Trans Am both fell into that category.

Registration opened at 10 AM. Door prizes and awards presented at 1:30 PM.  Everyone was on their way home by 2 PM.  The event was long enough to satisfy one's graving for a car show, but not so long that it completely engulfed the entire day. There was plenty of daylight left over after the show to do those chores around the house you'd been procrastinating.

Members of the parish grilled hamburgers and hot dogs to purchase at very reasonable prices. Door prize and a 50/50 raffle tickets were also sold to raise money.

Everyone who registered a vehicle got a "goody" bag  that included a  Jegs ball cap (I'm now the proud owner of seven these caps)  and a coupon for $15 off a $75 purchase from Jegs. These were the two big highlights inside the bag.

Everyone that registered a car also received a ballot to pick their favorite vehicles in five categories.  The categories included best of show, best paint, best engine, best interior, and the cutest vehicle.  As I've written before, participation judging is not my favorite. The person that comes alone is at a distinct disadvantage over someone who comes with a group of friends.  I understand why shows use this form of judging but it still doesn't mean I like it.


Best Paint
1937 Ford convertible - Owner: Dave BrattonBest Engine
1965 Shelby Cobra Replica - Owner: Libby KrupinskiBest Interior
1944 Ford Panel Delivery Truck - Owner: Harry OursCutest Car
Owner: Ken PopeShow Favorite 5
1971 Chevy Chevelle SS - Owner: Mitchell LesterShow Favorite 4
1953 Studebaker - Owner: Jack LeffelShow Favorite 3
1970 Ford Torino - Owner: Bud ThompsonShow Favorite 2
1962 Chevy Impala SS - Owner: Mark EnyartBest of Show
1928 Ford Model A - Owner: Mark McGlone

Despite the participation judging, it turned out to be a pretty good show.  It was a nice way to spend a short and sweet four hours on a Saturday.  The absence of bad weather didn't hurt either.

Vance Outdoors 3rd Annual Classic Car Cruise-In

Dan "Boots" Longenette and Auto Smarts Radio continued their Cruise and Ride tour on Saturday at the Vance Outdoors store in Obetz, Ohio . The show registered 87 cars.

Here's a sampling of some of the 87 cars and trucks. Some cool motorcycles also showed up. Live entertainment was provided by The Fifth Element from 1 PM to 3PM .Zombie protection was provided by the Zombie Outback Response TeamNothing like having your picture taken with the host of the show. And your car receiving a Top 20 "Favorite" award.Best of Show went to this 1935 Ford Roadster


It's now almost 8 PM and not one drop of rain has fallen on the area.  Grrrr.....

There was a show at Great Southern shopping center that ignored the forecast and took place as scheduled.  I think this show was advertised by flyer only because I never saw any mention of it on Old Ride or the other 15 web sites I check for shows and cruise-ins each week.

It turns out 42 cars knew about the Firestorm and Police show at the Great Southern shopping center.

Here are some of the "Favorite" 20 winners. Best of show went to this 1966 Chevy C10 pickup. I've seen this car at other shows and it's a real beauty. 

This wraps up this week's report.  Look for this coming weekend to be another big weekend of shows.  Jack Maxton will host its first ALL Chevy show on Friday.  On the Rocks is rescheduled for Sunday, and Cruisin' with the King is on tap for Saturday evening.  Hopefully, the weather will be a little more cooperative than has been the past two weekends.

2 thoughts on “Weather Forecast Once Again Cancels Weekend Car Shows

  1. jeff Shankle

    Thanks for the wrap out of the weekend Kim as always you do a GREAT job and just to clarify "Boots" only judged for his pick and Best of show. LOL hope you and viewers enjoyed the pics Thanks Jeff and Pam Shankle

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      I know Boots doesn't do all the judging at his shows anymore. Was just trying to add a little humor. I'll add an emoji so everyone knows I was making a joke.

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