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Upcoming Events (October 11 – 13)

With Ohio State off this weekend, the last BIG Saturday of events is upon us. Things really start to slow down after Saturday. I'm looking at four more weekends of events and then we're finished for the year.

If you're interested in what's left for the rest of the season, check out the Save the Dates Part Two page.




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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Events (October 11 – 13)

  1. Jim

    Not to be a jerk but at these ‘wear a costume’ events they always say “no masks”. So my kids can’t cover their faces with harmless fun but the legitimately dangerous people in burkas are cool? Hard pass. I wouldn’t step foot into Hilliard anymore on a dare.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Too bad you won't step foot in Hilliard. I've done the trunk and treat show the last three years and it's a fun show. The Ohio Zombie Guard is worth the price of admission.

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