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Upcoming Events (August 21 – 27)

A much lighter load of events this week.

There was a link on the Save the Dates Part Two page to an listing for the Parkinson's Car Show this Saturday . The link is no longer valid and I can't find any info about the show. If you know anything about this show, please send an email to

A few more events have been added to the Save the Dates Part Two page. Check it out for a list of events through the end of the season.








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5 thoughts on “Upcoming Events (August 21 – 27)

  1. Clement Thurn

    Hi, Kim. As usual, thanks for the great commentaries on past shows and updates for the coming weekend. I am going to Young's Jersey Dairy on Saturday, August 24th, 10:00 am till 3 :00 pm. There is the Bob Pool " Orphan " car show " there. ( any vehicles that are no longer being manufactured ) I received a flyer on it at the July 4th Urbana show. info : Gary Grebner ( 937 ) 361-2287 Just an FYI to your followers . Thanks ! Clement

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Clement, Thanks for the info on the Bob Pool show. I've added a link to the event's flyer on the Upcoming Events post for this week.

  2. dan varner

    Kim...there is no Parkinsons show tomorrow at Quaker Steak, even though if you call Quaker Steak they will till you there is. I verified it it this morning with the foundation and they said no show this year .


  3. Janice Hart

    I am needing some help. On September 25th we are having a 50’s Day at Bickford. I am wanting to have some old cars on display for resident to walk around and see. This is not a car show just an opportunity to display your car and enrich the happiness of our residents. If you are interested in participating or know someone who would be willing to please comment or send me a PM and I can share the details with you. Thanks!

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