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Upcoming Events (April 13-15)

The rain, snow, cold temperatures, and salt/brine spray on some of the roads put a real damper on the opening weekend. I had planned to attend four events but cold temperatures, summer tires, and salt don't make a very good combination.  I did receive a report that 40 hardy souls turned out for the Rod Knockers show in Marion, Ohio.  If you made it to Big Dawg's show at Buffalo Wings and Rings, let me know in the comment section. Hopefully this weekend starts to act more like spring.

I found Just a few events on the schedule for the second full weekend of April.

UPDATE: See Gil Myers' entry under the Recent Comments section for info on the Buffalo Wings and Rings show.




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7 thoughts on “Upcoming Events (April 13-15)

  1. Gil Myers

    I made it out to Big Dawgs at Buffalo Wings and Rings with my Kangaroo Car. Decent turnout there of about 60 cars (there were about 15 more, tuner type, but they squatted then left I guess). Cold but at least some sun out so not too bad.

    Afterwards a nice meet in Marysville with well over 100 cars of all types, no awards but a chance to just look and talk. A few Dodges will need to buy new rear tires though!

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Thanks Gil for the report. How was the parking lot at Wings and Rings? The past two years it was dirty mess with all the construction going on around the restaurant. Any better this year?

      How did you hear about the Marysville meet? I saw nothing posted about it on Old Ride or any of the other websites I frequent for car show info. I found out about it Sunday evening through a text message conversation with the owner of Creative Towing in Marysville.

      1. Gil Myers

        Parking lot was a lot better than last year with most of the hotel done now. It was dry out so no pond in the back which was good.

        The Marysville meet... you know, I was wondering that myself... how did I hear about it? I honestly can not remember just Facebook somehow. I wanted to favorite a link so I can know of future meets. Maybe if someone that was there chimes in we can all stay posted on upcoming events.

        I did see today that there is a small meet in Marysville Friday (4/13) evening at Advance Auto from 6 - 8:30.

        1. Jeff Shankle

          This is Jeff from Creative Towing yes there is a show in Marysville its at 1005 Delaware ave please to you buddies trying to grow show thanks Jeff 6146792287

  2. Gil Myers

    Per notification from Big Dawg, the Pep Boys show for Sat. 4/14 has been rescheduled to rain date of 4/21 due to rain in the forecast (and even snow possibly....come on Spring BE HERE!)

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