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Trunk or Treat Turns Into a Breezy Afternoon

The Empty Pockets Cruisers held their annual Trunk or Treat car show at the Hilliard Presbyterian Church in Hilliard, Ohio on Saturday. Wind gusts in excess of 25 mph made for a very breezy afternoon. It became a challenge keeping all those Halloween decorations from blowing away to other parts of Hilliard.

This was the third and final show of the season hosted by the Empty Pockets Cruisers. The club registered 117 vehicles, down from the record setting 168 that registered last year.

Trick or Treating was held from 1-3 PM so everyone that registered a car was encouraged to bring candy.


Once again the Ohio Zombie Guard was on site to provide protection from the un dead.

There's no question, the Halloween decorations and costumes are what make this show so much fun.

The show offered a nice assortment of door prizes (I won a $25 Culvers gift card).  Everyone who registered a vehicle received one complementary door prize ticket (but could buy more).  There was also a raffle for two tickets to the Ohio State vs Nebraska football game.

Food was provided by members of church.  The $5 "meal deal" got you a burger, baked beans, chips, drink and a dessert.  For the second year in a row, the cheeseburger I was served won't win any culinary awards. 

As with the other two Empty Pockets shows, Jim McGruder played the tunes and was the show's master of ceremonies.

Awards and Prizes

Prizes were given to the best male, female and couple costumes as determined by crowd applause.

Along with the "Top 40" car awards, three awards where given for the best decorated car.  This year's winners were:

Other "Special" award winners included:

Sponsor's Choice

1957 Chevy Bel Air - Owner: William Erlenbach

Kid's Choice

1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass - Owner: Mike Imes

DJ's Choice

1967 Buick Skylark - Owner: Chuck Toman

Pastor's Choice

1979 Pontiac Trans AM - Owner: Jay McAlister

Final Thoughts

The Empty Pockets Cruisers continue their streak of well executed car shows.  Their Trunk and Treat show has been one of my favorites, and Saturday's show was no exception.

The decorations, the costumes, the kids, and the candy make for a day of great fun.  

For myself, the show is somewhat bittersweet.  It's the last chance until next spring to hang out with the many friends made throughout the season.  It also signals the coming end to the car show season, and winter isn't too far behind.

I'm glad they held the award ceremony a little early so everyone could get home before the really blustery weather showed up.

Other Shows from the Weekend

The C-Town Cruisers hosted their final Pep Boys Carnival of Cars for 2018.

Here are some of the 39 cars that turned out for the show:

The Mid Ohio Cruisers also hosted their final Cruisin' with the King in 2018 at the Burger King in Marysville, Ohio.

Unfortunately, the cold temps and blustery winds kept registration under 20 cars.

O'Reilly's Auto Parts had the kids make their picks for this month.  The winners were Rick Jones with his 1950 Peoria F2 Ford truck, and Pam Shankle's 1965 Chevy Impala.

I'm going to close this week's report with a short video clip of the Ohio Zombie Guard at Saturday's Trunk or Treat show. 

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  1. Clement Thurn

    Hello all. Just wondered if anybody out there went to the Buckeye Lake show on Sunday , or heard any reports about it ? I had good intentions of going but didn't. Thank you !

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