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1933 Ford Coupe - Owner: Ken Cahill

This week, Tattletale's Auto Smarts Radio Cruise and Ride, Big Dawg and the C-Town Cruisers, and the corporate-sponsored Columbus Cars and Coffee kick off their 2023 season.

Monday (April 24):

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Sunday - (April 30):

For the most comprehensive list of future events in Central Ohio, check out the "Save the Dates for 2023" page. There's also a quick link in the menu at the top of the page.

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Not much to report this week. It sounds like the weather in Ohio was more winter-like than spring-like this past weekend. I even heard there might have been a snow flurry or two.

You may notice that I'm posting earlier than usual. My wife is having back surgery on Monday. Putting this out today means one less thing to do tomorrow. Any information I receive regarding the Sunday events, I'll include with next week's report.

I did a minor re-organization of the Recurring events on the "Save the Dates for 2023". I've grouped the events as weekly, monthly, twice a month, and promotor/DJ schedules. I hope this makes it easier to find all those recurring events and schedules. There seems to be a bunch of them this year.

I want to close this week by thanking all those that have sent me flyers. You can't imagine how much that helps me keep up with events. Please keep them coming.

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I managed to get two car shows and a football game in over Labor day weekend. I also got a little wet on Sunday.

Zucchinifest Car & Motorcycle Show

I started the weekend off with the Zucchinifest show on Friday evening at Fortress Obetz in Obetz, Ohio.

This was my first trip to the stadium. I failed to read the directions to the complex posted on the Festival's website and instead relied on Apple Maps to get me there. Big mistake! Apple maps insisted I enter the stadium from Williams Road, however, the Williams Road entrance was temporarily closed. The only way into the stadium was from the Alum Creek Drive entrance. Between Friday rush hour and holiday traffic, construction on I-71, and driving up and down Williams Road for 20 minutes, it took almost an hour to get to the stadium when it should have taken a little more than 30 minutes.

Once parked and my blood pressure back down to normal, Fortress Obetz turned out to be a pretty nice venue for a car show. The amusement rides and food vendors for the Zucchini Festival were setup in the parking lot outside the stadium while the car show took place inside around the main bleachers.

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