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Just when you thought the schedule couldn't have more car events, along comes Saturday and Sunday this week.

I received notice that the City Apartments have asked the organizers of Columbus Cars and Coffee at the City not to hold the weekly Saturday morning cruise-ins on OSU Football home games. Paid parking will be enforced on those days after 10 AM. The first five games are at home this season so as of now the cruise-in won't return until October 8. The organizers are working on an alternative location for football Saturdays. I will post that location as soon as it is announced.

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Check out the Save the Dates for 2022 page. Events are still being added to the most comprehensive list of car events in Central Ohio.

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Once again a weather pattern of rain showers Saturday, Sunday, and Monday hampered the car events scheduled for the holiday weekend. I know of three shows (two of them on Labor Day) that were canceled and others that decide to take place rain or shine with lower-than-expected attendance.

Der Dutchman Thursday Cruise-In

Attendance at the Thursday evening cruise-in in Plain City, Ohio was slightly up this week from last week with 309 cars.

There were two unique vehicles in attendance. The first was a 1988 Crown Super Coach school bus its owner called the "Beast". The bus is 38 feet in length with a gross vehicle weight of 37,400 lbs and seating for 84 passengers.

The second vehicle is a sports car I'm sure most of you have never heard of called the Panoz Esperante. It was assembled in Hoschton, Georgia from 2001 to 2007. It was available in either a coupe or convertible. The power plant was engines from either Ford or GM. Everyone that helped build the car put their signature under the hood.

Zucchini Festival Car & Motorcycle Show

One of the scheduled events at The Zucchini Festival held at Fortress Obetz in Obetz, Ohio on Friday evening was the annual car and motorcycle show. This show is part of the Auto Smarts Radio Cruise and Ride series.

The show registered just under 170 cars with an estimated 25-30 more cars in attendance that didn't register.

There were a total of 53 awards presented at the end of the show. Some of those awards included the Top 25, Automotion Picks, Best Bike, Mayor's Choice, Council's Choice, and Best of Show.

Andrew VanErt and his 1968 Chevy Chevelle took home the Best of Show honors.

CLICK HERE to see more award winners and the rest of the cars in attendance at the Zucchinifest Show.

Richwood Bank Coffee & Cars Cruise-In

The Richwood Bank in Delaware, Ohio held its final cruise-in of the season on Saturday morning. Approximately 16 cars turned out for the event. As usual, complimentary caffeinated and decaffeinated beverages were available to anyone registering a vehicle from the coffee bar inside the bank.

This month's raffle prizes included a couple of duffle bags with pizza coupons inside and bucket caddy filled with car care products and a fifth of Coopers' Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. One lucky cruiser went home not only able to clean his car but have a good time in the process.

Dublin AM Rotary Classic Car Show

Showers on Sunday morning held attendance down at the 3rd Annual Dublin AM Rotary Classic Car Show in the historic downtown Dublin, Ohio business district. When I arrived around 11 o'clock, only 18 cars had registered for the show. After the rain took a break for a few hours and the roads started to dry, the final registration reached 51 cars.

The show presented "Top 30" picks and a Best of Show.

Our good friends, Jeff Shankle and Dave Bratton received special awards. Jeff's 1972 Buick station wagon received the Woodhouse Day Spa's pick and Dave's 1937 Ford convertible received the "Wild Ride" award.

The Best of Show award went to the 1961 Morgan 4/4 Series III belonging to Chuck Putsch.

To see more from the Dublin AM Rotary show, CLICK HERE.

Other Area Shows:

  • The Auto Smarts Radio Cruise and Ride atTen Pin Ally Car Show in Hilliard, Ohio on Saturday registered just under 60 cars. The Best of Show award went to Dr. Ron Rogers and his 1969 Plymouth GTX
  • The Mechanicsburg First Responders Car Show on Saturday had 148 cars in attendance. If anyone knows who won Best of Show, please post it in the comments.
  • Eighty-seven cars attended the Canal Winchester Labor Day Festival Car/Truck/Bike Show on Sunday. Tom Stewart's "Orange Crush" 1982 Chevy C10 pickup received the Best Truck award. Blake Behrens' 1949 Chevy Business Coupe took home the Best of Show honors.

Members of the Rusty Lug Nuts took home some hardware from the show.

  • The Flywheels car show in Prospect, Ohio on Saturday had 216 cars in attendance.

That's it for this week. If you have info about other shows that took place this weekend, please feel free to post it in the comments section.

A big thank you to Jeff Shankle and Dale Pearce for their help preparing this week's report.

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Another month of the season is in the books. Only two and half months of events left for this year.

This week's list includes events scheduled on Labor Day, and boy is this holiday weekend packed. The 10-day forecast calls for cooler temperatures. Let's hope it's accurate.


Der Dutchman Cruise-In:

Although a drop of rain never fell on the Der Dutchman Restaurant in Plain City, Ohio Thursday evening, the weather around the area kept attendance down to 77 cars. I got caught in a downpour driving through Dublin, Ohio on my way to the cruise-in. My black Camaro needs a thorough washing this week as it's a mess.

Jay Vanscoy Car Show:

The Hilliard, Ohio Church of Christ hosted the first Annual Jay Vanscoy Car Show on Saturday. The show is a memorial to Jay Vanscoy, the son of Senior Minister Danny Vanscoy. Jay passed away in January.

The show registered 55 cars. The registration fee was $15 and included a tee-shirt, a very nice "goodie" bag, and a door prize raffle ticket.

The Church presented three awards, People's Choice, Preacher's Pick, and Best of Show. Here are the award-winning cars. See a common theme here?

To see more cars from the Jay Vanscoy Car Show, click here.

Plain City Classic Car Cruise-In:

Chapman Ford and the Uptown Plain City Organization hosted their 18th annual Plain City Classic Car Cruise-In in downtown Plain City, Ohio Saturday afternoon.

The event registered 135 vehicles. Ribbons were presented to the Top 40 cars. There were several special award trophies and a Best of Show.

This year's Best of Show Award went to Dave and Jane Winkle and their 1958 Chevy Corvette convertible.

Krieger Ford Mustang & Ford Car Show:

The Mustang Club of Ohio and Krieger Ford held their 47th Annual ALL Mustang and Ford Car Show on Sunday at the Krieger Ford Dealership in Columbus, Ohio.

As a Camaro and Corvette owner, the hour and a half I was at the show taking photos was tough on me, but for the good of the Central Ohio car community, I managed to hang in there long enough to get some nice photos.

In all seriousness, I saw a lot of very nice cars. By my unofficial count, there were between 125 and 130 cars registered. If you're into Mustangs and Fords or just cars in general, Krieger Ford was the place to be Sunday afternoon.

There was no overall Best of Show winner. Each Mustang and Ford was entered into a class based on model year, model, and mods. Awards were presented to the top cars in each class based on points.

Click here to see more cars from the Mustang and Ford show.

14th Annual Car Show at Culp Lake:

The car show at Culp Lake in Springfield, Ohio attracted 144 cars on Sunday. The show is in a park-like setting so there were plenty of trees around to escape some of the heat.

Other Area Shows:

  • Bob Pool Orphan Car Show in Yellow Springs, Ohio registered 98 cars on Saturday
  • Moundbuilders Motor Mania in Newark on Sunday had 68 cars participate in the show
  • Another big turn out for Columbus Cars and Coffee at Esoteric. Watch on YouTube.

If you have any information about other shows that took place this past weekend, please feel free to post them in the comments section.

Many thanks to Arch Mayer and Jeff Shankle for helping make this week's report.

Because of the holiday on Monday, next week's list of events will be posted on Tuesday.

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