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Pink Cadillac Highlights Tuesday Cruise-in at Wendell’s Pub

Last week at Ruby Tuesday's I met Dave.  I see Dave again on Friday at Maxton's Friday Night Cruise-in.  In the course of our conversation, Dave mentions a cruise-in held every Tuesday at Wendell's Pub in Westerville, Ohio.  I do a little digging and sure enough I find a flyer about the cruise-in on the pub's Facebook page, so of course I decide to check it out.

I arrived at Wendell's shortly after 6 PM.  The pub had already roped off about four rows of parking for the cruise-in with one of those rows being directly in front of the pub.

When I arrived there were five or six cars in the designated cruise-in parking.  The bulk majority of cars arrived  between 6:30 and 7 PM, although cars were still coming in at 7:30 PM.  I counted a total of 33 automobiles while I was at the cruise-in.

The flyer lists the Rollin' 88s c.c. as a co-sponsor of the cruise-in.  There was also a sign for the Rollin' 88s c.c. in front of the pub. I had never heard of the Rollin' 88s c.c. before Tuesday.   I was told it's  a small Columbus car club with about 15 members.


Here are some of the autos that showed up during my 90 minutes at the cruise-in.  Some really nice cars.

Some of the cars really travel around the area.  The green 1937 Chevy coupe of Jim Hertenstein has made several appearances at the Der Dutchman cruise-in over in Plain City, and the blue Dodge convertible I saw earlier in the year at a Marysville cruise-in.

A lot of people say the Camaro is a big car but I never really understood why until I saw it parked next to a Viper GTS.  The  Viper made my car look like an SUV by comparison.

No question my favorite car of the evening was the 1959 pink Cadillac convertible that arrived just before I left.

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I plan to stay longer the next time I make it to Wendell's pub.  I have a suspicion after 8 PM is when the cruise-in really heats up.