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Jamb Away Finger Prints on Your Car’s Finish

If you're like me,  you're probably pretty anal about finger and hand prints on the finish of your show car.

To avoid finger prints when closing the door,  I always grab the edge of the  plastic trim along the top of the door.


Several weeks ago I ran across a product called Jam Handle that completely changes the way you close your car door.  The brain child of Chad Zrate, Jam Handle offers a unique way to close your car door without touching the paint.

Made from an automotive grade acetal polymer, the handles are available in two, three, or four finger sizes.  An assortment pack containing all three sizes is also available. The Jam Handles easily attach to the inside door area with double-sided automotive tape.  No tools required.  Best yet,  Jam Handles are made in the USA

Intrigued by the product, I decided to order a set of the two finger handles.  The handles arrived in four days via the U.S. Postal Service.

Installation took all of 5 minutes.  I cleaned the door area with some isopropyl alcohol before applying each handle. You'll want to check clearance with the door jamb before final application. Like any object that attaches with automotive tape, you won't be able to easily reposition the handle after it's pressed into place.

The Jam Handles work exactly as advertised. They're an inexpensive and unique solution to closing your car door without touching paint or trim.  Just a word of caution. Be sure to get your hand out-of-the-way when you close the door.  If you're not paying attention, I can see a finger or two accidentally caught in a door. Ouch!

For more information on the product,  check out the manufacturer's website:

Here's a video review of the product.