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Jack Maxton Crowd Mesmerized by the Hipnotics

Beautiful summer-like weather greeted the first Jack Maxton Friday Night Cruisin' of the season. Music by the Hipnotics mesmerized the crowd throughout the evening.

Nice weather and first show is generally a combination that attracts a lot of cars. Friday's cruise-in was no exception. The show "officially" registered 252 Chevys. Counting the cars that showed up but didn't register the exact total was likely more than 300 cars.

My friend and I got there at 3:30 PM so we could get parking spots in front of showroom.  We knew if we showed up much later all the spots out front would be gone.  I've been to previous Maxton first shows of the season that had cars parked in between rows of parked cars.  Even though Friday wasn't quite as crowded as some past shows, there were still a lot of cars.


The featured Chevy models this month were the Corvair and Corvette. Speaking of Corvette, there was a brand new 2019 Corvette ZR1 on display outside the showroom.  For those not familiar with the new ZR1,  it's the most powerful Corvette Chevy has ever built. It comes powered by GM's new LT5 engine rated at 755 horses.  The 0-60 time is 2.85 seconds.  It only takes six seconds for the car to reach 100 mph.

Another 700+ horse power Corvette took part in the show. Mischelle Stukey brought her 2016 Callaway SC757 Z06 Corvette rated at 757 HP. Mischelle's Corvette also received a Top 70 award.

Debbie Wiedwald and Mike Purcell came to the show in their "His & Hers" 1957 Chevrolets.

Someone didn't catch the blue Ford emblem on the engine cover of this Ford "Woody" bus and let it into the show.  I think someone finally caught wind that a Ford had infiltrated the ranks of Chevys and asked it to leave.   

If there was an award for best paint, Travis Dowell's 1965 Nova would have been my choice. The photos just don't do the paint job justice.


Each month Jack Maxton presents awards to the Top 70  "Favorite" Chevys, four or five "Theme" awards depending on featured models,  a DJ's Choice award, and a Best of Show.

Here are some of this month's Top 70 winners.

1951 3100 Pickup - Owner: Elzie Fish

2000 Lumina - Owner: James McCoy

2007 Corvette - Owner: Amobi aka Bling

1939 Master Deluxe - Owner: Scott Braskett

1955 Bel Air - Owner: Bill Mooney

1967 Corvair-Monza - Owner: Greg Clemens

1962 Corvette - Owner: Rod & Susie Lucas

DJ's Choice Award
1956 "210 Delray" - Owner: Frank Lavinia

Theme Winners

Favorite Corvette '53-'67: Gary Moreland - 1959 Corvette
Favorite Corvette '68-'82: Greg Spangler - 1969 Corvette
Favorite Corvette '84-Present: Bob Morris - 2017 Corvette
Favorite Truck: Tony Carter - 1972 C10 pickup
Favorite Corvair: Dennis Mallory - 1965 Corvair

Best of Show
2016 Corvette Z06 Convertible - Owner: Homer Barrett

Final Thoughts

Friday's show turned out to be another great start to the Maxton four show season.  If you're a Chevy owner or fan, there's not a better way to spend the third Friday in June, July, August and September.

The next Friday Night Cruisin' will be July 20.  The theme cars for this show will be Chevelle, Nova, Monte Carlo, Camaro and Maxton's favorite wagon.