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First Florida Cruise-in

As stated numerous times, the focus of this website is Central Ohio car events. But since I’m down in Florida for the winter, I thought I’d share my first Florida cruise-in with everyone and spark a little excitement for the upcoming car show season.

Now before you call me names or curse at me for escaping Ohio’s winter weather, the high temperature in Central Florida on Saturday was a balmy 52 degrees. It was cold enough to warrant wearing a winter coat. Ugh!

The cruise-in I attended is a monthly event held on the second Saturday of each month. It’s hosted by the East Coast Cruisers Club and takes place in the historical downtown area of New Smyrna Beach. A six block section of Canal Street is blocked off for the event which goes from 4 PM to 8 PM. Because of the cold temperatures and early sunset, many of the cars starting leaving around 6 PM.

The event attracted a nice mix of classic and modern muscle cars. I estimate there was well over 100 cars on display during the time I was there. No one manufacturer was favored over another. There was also a nice crowd of spectators. Given the cold temperatures (for Florida that is), the turnout was impressive.

Here’s a sampling of cars that participated in Saturday’s event. If you want to see more photos from the cruise-in, click the link immediately following the photos. Enjoy!

Click Here for more photos from the cruise-in.


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9 thoughts on “First Florida Cruise-in

  1. Matt Rittenhouse

    Thanks for sharing this! It gives all of us stuck here in Ohio something to look forward to this spring.

  2. Clement Thurn

    Hi, Kim ! Thanks for the uplifting article, and glad you are doing well. That sounded like a really fun event. Was that a typical turnout, for this time of year ? Appreciate the report. Have fun down there !

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Clement, Glad to hear you liked the post. The cruise-in is basically a downtown show every month. I’m jealous that the city allows the street to be closed once a month. It’s the main drag through the downtown area. Try doing that in Plain City, Delaware or Marysville. Not sure if turnout was typical. I was surprised at the number of cars and spectators given the cold temps. I hope to go again next month. I’ll have a better feel for turnout after that. The Same club does a cruise-in the first Saturday of each month at a shopping mall in Daytona. I’m going to try to make the February cruise-in.

  3. Clement Thurn

    Welcome, sir. Yes, sort of surprising.......maybe they don't have the traffic as our local cities you mentioned ?? Who knows . That seems to be a pretty good turnout , all things considered...the Virus, and ( for them ), cooler temps. Seems like an active club. Great ! Thanks for sharing...enjoy your time there....see you in a few months.

  4. Gregg Rittenhouse

    Thanks for the update, nice to see some different cars, hope you get to enjoy the shows while you are there.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Gregg, Appears that this East Coast Cruisers Club is pretty active. They host another monthly cruise-in at a shopping mall in Daytona the first Saturday of every month. I hope to make the February cruise-in.

  5. Larry

    Hi Kim, Great to hear from you. The car show pic's are nice. Makes me want for warm weather and no covid - 19 ! Keep up the good work !Have fun, Be safe, Larry

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Larry, I got the “warmer” weather but still unable to kick the Covid. Glad you enjoyed the car show pics. I’m going to try to attend a few more events before coming back north.

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