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Final Jack Maxton is a Washout and Discover Church Holds 10th Annual Cruisin’ for a Cause

Thanks to mother nature, the final Jack Maxton Friday Night Cruisin of the season was a washout.

Around 6 PM, the first of two rain showers fell upon the 200 registered cars and trucks. To add insult to injury, the first shower stopped long enough for everyone to dry off their vehicles. About the time the band was sheduled to start playing, the second round arrived with a vengeance. Not only did it include heavy rain, but this time there were strong winds, lightning, and thunder to keep everyone on their toes.

When it was all said and done, everything and I mean everything was soaked. The British Invasion was forced to cancel their show because of water-soaked equipment. I spent Saturday drying out folding chairs, towels and all of my detailing products. The floor mats in my car were still damp as of Saturday afternoon.

The awards presentation, which took place an hour early, had to be held in the showroom. The winners were announced using the dealership's intercom system.

Obviously, the weather put a damper (no pun intended) on photo taking. I did manage to get some photos of this beautifully restored 1967 Corvette belonging to Mike and Suzette Burger. They trailered the car down from Bucyrus only to have it get rained on. Talk about luck!

Besides the Corvette, I also took photos of the Best of Show winner. Scott Quesenberry from Springfield and his 1955 two-door hardtop received the final Best of Show of the year.

It was rather disappointing that the last show of the year was spoiled by the weather. I suppose we can't complain too loud. Three out of the four shows this year were dry. Here's looking forward to June 19, 2020 when the 29th year of Friday Night Cruisin at Jack Maxton starts.

Cruisin' for a Cause Car Show

The Discover Church in Dublin, Ohio held its 10th annual Cruisin' for a Cause car show on Sunday. Unlike Jack Maxton, the weather this time was breezy, hot and dry.

This year's cause is a special ministry in Columbus, Ohio known as Columbus Relief. The ministry helps serve the needs of the local and regional homeless. All proceeds from the show went to support this organization.

As with past shows, there was more going on Sunday afternoon than just a car show. Inside the church was an arts and craft show and silent auction. The Buckeye Scale Auto Club once again brought their model cars for everyone to vote for their favorite.

New this year was some "live" entertainment to go along with the 50's and 60's music.

Last year a food truck provided food and refreshments. This year the church members went back to cooking hot dogs and hamburgers.

The Awards

The show registered 109 vehicles Sunday. This is up two from last year.

One of the big attractions every year are the custom handmade trophies by Ark Hot Rods.

Cruisin' for a Cause is a "judged" show. The cars are looked over from top to bottom by multiple teams of judges throughout the afternoon.

Along with Top 25 plaques, the church also presents awards for the following classes:

There was also an award for the "Favorite" model car and a club participation award.

Top 25 Winners:

Class Winners:

'49 and Older Original

'49 and Older Rod

'50-'60 Original

'50-'60 Modified

'70-'80 Original

'70-'80 Modified

'90-'2000 Original

'90-'2000 Modified

2010 and Newer Original

2010 and Newer Modified

'79 and Older Truck

'80 and New Truck

Rat Rod

Club Participation

Favorite Model Car

Car #45 - David Parker

Best of Show
1967 Chevy Corvette
Owner: Graig Grunkemeyer

The 10th Cruisin' for a Cause demonstrated once again why it's one of the better shows in the area. I like that the event is more than just a car show. I also wish more shows would consider doing "class" judging. I think it just adds a little extra spice to the show.

Other Area Shows and Cruise-Ins

Der Dutchman had 180 cars (19 first-timers) at Thursday's cruise-in.

This coming Thursday (September 26) will be the last cruise-in of the season. The end-of-the-season banquet is scheduled for the following Thursday.

Arrangements have been made for a Rolls Royce club to make an appearance for the last cruise-in. Expect to see about 20 Rolls Royce on Thursday.

Auto Smarts Radio Cruise & Ride tour hosted a show at Columbus Auto Resale on Saturday. The show registered 45 vehicles. Best of Show went to this 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix

Fifty vehicles showed up Saturday evening for the September Cruisin' with the King in 2019 at the Burger King in Marysville, Ohio.

There was about 30 minutes of light sprinkles, otherwise the show stayed relatively dry.

Here are some of the cars from Saturday evening:

The Polaris Hilton is holding its last cruise-in of the year on Tuesday, September 24.

Chad Schirtzinger and the Hilton crew is having an End of Season Party to celebrate the inaugural season for the cruise-in. There will also be cake to celebrate Larry Walters's 70th birthday. The goal is for more than 100 vehicles to show up. If you're not busy, stop by the Hilton on Tuesday and enjoy some cake.

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