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Der Dutchman Hits the Magic 100

Started the week with a stop at the Powell Ruby Tuesday.  Larry Walters is working hard to get this weekly cruise-in off the ground.

Only 10 cars showed up this week.  A couple of C7 Corvettes came for the first time which gave me the opportunity to take a photo of Chevy's current performance products.
A rare 1964 Plymouth Valiant v8 with 4 speed manual transmission also made an appearance. If you're looking for something to do on Tuesday evening, stop by Ruby Tuesday.  Bring a "classic" car or truck and you'll get 10% off your bill at the restaurant.


Der Dutchman Week-6 Sets a New Record

A couple big things happened this week for the Der Dutchman cruise-in. First,  Wayne Nisley was back in his role as host of the cruise-in after a week hiatus for a health issue.  Second,  Wayne made it back just in time to see the cruise-in set a milestone with 100 registered vehicles.


Wayne promised if the cruise-in ever hit 100 vehicles, everyone that brought a car or truck would get a cup of ice cream on the house. Unfortunately, the ice cream machine decided to stop working after serving the third cup. Everyone, however, who didn't get ice cream was given a rain check to get their free cup at any of the remaining cruise-ins.

To help reach the 100 mark, the cruise-in had 29 vehicles make an appearance for the very first time. Here are some of the first time cars and trucks.

This 1966 C20 pickup of Gary Schumaker with a customized truck bed.

The contrasting green colors of the Jeep wrangler of Greg Nobis and the Volkswagen Beetle next to it was a little rough on the eyes.

This Mustang, Mazda MX-5 Miata,  2013 Dodge Challenger RT Hemi, and 1958 Studebaker Champion were also new this week.

Besides the free ice cream, Der Dutchman also celebrated the new attendance record by  raffling off a few extra desserts and an extra $30 gift card.

Congratulations to Wayne and the management of Der Dutchman for their hard work to grow the cruise-in into what it is today.