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Creative Towing/Advanced Auto Show Pays Tribute to Dalton Shank

Friday evening's Creative Towing/Advanced Auto Parts car show in Marysville, Ohio paid tribute to the life of Dalton Shank. Dalton who was 14 years old passed away unexpectantly in a fire on June 2 in Michigan. He is the son of Creative Towing employee, Greg Shank. Through the generosity of local businesses and the sale of raffle tickets, the show raised $700 for the family.

With a beautiful evening of weather, attendance was one of the highest in the show's six-year history with 47 cars.

As I've written before, you can always count on that one of a kind vehicle making an appearance at a Creative Towing/Advance Auto Parts show. This month it was Dan Varner's convertible conversion Camaro Berlinetta.

The conversions were produced by the now-defunct Auto Form Corporation in Elkhart, Indiana from 1983 to 1987. The Auto Form roadsters as they were called were custom built to order. GM would drop ship a car to Auto Form for conversion. Once completed, Auto Form would ship the car to the dealer where the customer was ready and waiting. It's estimated that fewer than 1000 conversions were ever produced.

The Awards

Five awards were presented this month instead of the usual three. Greg Shank made the selections. Here are his five picks:

It was an emotional evening given the circumstances. I'm sure Greg appreciated the love and support he received from all the car owners. I can't speak for everyone, but I was happy to know in a small way we were able to help the Shank family cope with this tragedy.