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Could Your Next Muscle Car Come from Moscow Instead of Detroit?

Saw this article today and thought everyone might find it interesting.

Not only are the Russians messing with our elections, they're stealing our muscle cars. And making them battery powered on top of that!

3 thoughts on “Could Your Next Muscle Car Come from Moscow Instead of Detroit?

  1. Matt Rittenhouse

    That's interesting. Unfortunately, I think battery powered sports/muscle cars are closer than a lot of us would like. It is an exciting technology that will definitely bring incredible performance, but nothing can beat the sound of a V-8!

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Matt. I Agree, the electric car is the future. And yes, we will all miss the sound of an American V8. The other thing that will be missed is the ability to modify the engine to make more power. No more adding a cold air intake or headers to make more HP. Or swapping out a cam. This will be there real loss with electric vehicles.

      1. Matt Rittenhouse

        That is very true as well. I'm sure the aftermarket will find a way to modify them, but you'll only need a computer instead of hand tools. Sadly, I think that many people today don't have the passion about cars or the desire to work on them. My experience is that more and more people see a car as just a means to get from point a to point b and nothing more. We must embrace this amazing time in sports/muscle car history, because there are some world class cars being built right now.

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