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Colo’s Classic Car Show Smashes Previous Attendance Record

On Sunday, automobiles started lining up on Riverside Drive around 6:00 AM  to enter the Columbus, Ohio Zoo to participate in the 10th annual Colo's Classic Car Show. Last year the show set an attendance record with over 1300 vehicles.  With a perfect weather forecast on tap, this year's show smashed the previous attendance record with more than 1500 registered vehicles!  After GoodGuys, Colo's Classic has become the second largest single day car show in Central Ohio.

I arrived at the zoo around 8:20 AM.  The line of cars waiting to get in to the Zoo went down Riverside Drive and wrapped around to Powell Road.  It took me more than 30 minutes to get into the Zoo.  I was directed to the zone 2 parking area which was just south of the Jungle River Falls ride.  The cars in this area were packed in like sardines.  I was instructed to park in the back corner of the zone.  I pulled forward to straighten my car before backing into the spot and ran over someone's cooler with the front of my car.  As you can imagine,  I was pretty freaked out over the incident. Fortunately it was a soft-side cooler and as far as I can tell no damage was done to the cooler or my car.

Obviously, everyone had the same idea I did and arrived early.  For those that did not pre-register, the registration fee was collected as you entered the zoo.  This contributed to the long line of cars waiting to enter the zoo. The cars were directed into two lanes which helped, but the service road from Riverside Drive was never intended to hold two lanes of traffic.  Things were really tight.

I hope the organizers rethink how cars enter the zoo.  It took about 5 minutes to exit the show through the main parking lot to Powell Road.  It seems to make sense to have vehicles also enter from the main parking area instead of the service road off Riverside Drive.

Once I got settled and verified that the front splitter on my car was okay, it was finally time to enjoy the show.



Dave Kindig, owner of Kindig-It Design and star of Velocity's Bitchin' Rides, was this year's guest of honor.

On display was Dave's customized 1968 Boss Mustang.  The car is truly amazing.

Dave also made time to sign autographs.

In the same pavilion as Dave's Mustang was the 1966 Batmobile replica belonging to Chris Herboltzheimer.

Nationwide Insurance, a major sponsor of Colo's Classic and the 88 car of Dale Earnhart Jr., brought the Hendrick Motosports NASCAR simulator to the show.


There were a lot of great looking cars and trucks among the 1500 participating in the show.  Here's a little sampling...

This 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback belonging to Ken and Thelma Farmer of Logan, Ohio caught my attention. I talked to the owner about his car and discovered he attended the Cruisin' for a Cause show a few weeks earlier with his 1957 Ford Fairlane.  I get a feeling the owner has a fondness for certain shades of green.

There were  a number of customized late 30's Ford coupes/roadsters at the show.  The discussion came up whether these "kit" cars should be included in the class of cars from the 30's or should they be in a class for newer cars.  If you think about it,  there isn't any original Ford parts on them.   The bodies are made out of fiber glass and most have probably been built-in the last 10 years. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

My pick for most unusual at the show goes to this 1991 Geo Storm and this 1948 Salsbury Imperial Rocket Motorscoter.


Colo's Classic presented plaques and trophies signed by Dave Kindig. There were Top 50 plaques for vehicles 1977 and older, 25 plaques for vehicles 1978 and above, and  11 "Best of" trophies.  Trophy winners also received a NAPA gift card and 12 pack of Pepsi.



  • Nationwide's Pick - Pete Crusse - 1960 Chevy Nomad
  • Best Paint - Dave and Steve Grybel - 1972 Corvette Stingray Coupe
  • Best Truck - Pat Jackson - 1954 Chevy 3100
  • Best Antique - The Falks - 1935 Ford Cabriolat
  • Best Modified - George Pavell - 1948 Chevy Fleetline
  • Best Import - Graig Wright - 1973 Daihatsu Trimobile
  • Pepsi's Pick - Catherine Downing - 1956 Chevy 210
  • Colo's Pick - Kenny Rogers - 1932 Ford
  • Jack's Pick - Frank Baldwin - 1993 Jeep
  • Boot's Pick - Dick Rashman - 1957 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia
  • Dave KinDig's Pick - Cali Kirby - Low rider go-cart


As I mentioned previously,  Colo's Classic Car Show has become the second largest single-day automobile event in Central Ohio.  It attracts some of the best classic cars and trucks from all over the area. Despite the issues entering the Zoo and parking, the show was well-organized overall.  The awards presentation went off as scheduled and took just over 30 minutes to complete.  Jungle Jack's Landing makes a unique venue for a car show.  The show had plenty to do including entrance to the zoo as part of your registration.  I give the organizers a thumbs up for this year's  show.

3 thoughts on “Colo’s Classic Car Show Smashes Previous Attendance Record

  1. Nick

    I too waited in line to get in. I did not preregister. Having done this for over 30 years I think it would be easier for everyone to have a $20 ready, give it to the first person, drive to the second person for your window/registration card, then the third person for your "bag?" Please no socializing with the workers at the gate.

    This is not a classic car show as the title states. It is a car show. I love the new Camaro, etc. but they are not classic cars. If it is a classic car show set a year limit. If not call it Colo's car show.

    Love these huge events, but realistically you cannot "judge" cars. Many were hand picked, some even before they entered, and that is okay, but do not say overall top 50. Just call it 'judges/zoo choice". Many cars did not even get a look from a "judge"(I know, I watched some of them). For $20 you owe it to all to at least look at their car with a walk around. Several 'winners" got their yearly award. How many do they really need? Spread the" wealth" and make more people happy.

    I also noticed that the zoo tickets were only good that day. In the past you had to use them by the season end. If something came up and your family could not go, the tickets were useless. I might return next year. Will wait on the weather forecast for that day.

    Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

    1. Jerry Oreste

      I received on of the top 50
      Someone took pics of every winner
      How do we get copies of those pics
      1966 red Thunderbird Conv.

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