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Esoteric Fine Auto Finishing and the Mid-Ohio Region of the Porsche Club of America teamed up this weekend to host the second annual detailing tech session at the Esoteric facility.

A good crowd was on hand for the session despite the cold temperatures and magnesium chloride all over the roads. Many Porsche owners ignored the less than ideal road conditions and drove their cars to the session.

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I picked up my Camaro this afternoon from the detailer.  It's now safely parked in my garage.

All I can say is wow!  The car looks fantastic!  Now the hard part begins trying to maintain this pristine finish.

I took a few photos outside the detailer's shop before heading home.

If you'd like to see the high quality photos taken by the the detailer, click here.

Let me know what you think.

paint protection film-front view

paint protection film-side view

paint protection film-passenger view

paint protection film-rear view

I made the trip out to Esoteric Detailing this afternoon for an update on the installation of paint protection film (ppf) on my Camaro.

The paint correction step is complete. And Wow!  Does the correction really make the flakes in the mosaic black metallic color stand out. Read more


paint protection film application

Just dropped off my new Camaro this morning at Esoteric Detailing in New Albany to have their new car paint correction service, followed by the application of paint protection film (PPF), and finally application of two coats of a protective ceramic "glass" coating over the entire car. Read more

The two bucket wash method is the current "Gold Standard" for preventing swirl marks and scratches to your car's finish when washing your car.  Lately, an alternative method of car washing has garnered a lot of "buzz".  This method is often referred to as the "Rinseless" wash method. Read more

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