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Cars Overflow at Der Dutchman

The third cruise-in of the season at the Der Dutchman Restaurant in Plain City, Ohio set a new attendance record with 130 registered vehicles.

To handle all the cars, the inside of the horse pen was utilized for the overflow parking.Of the 130 cars that turned out on Thursday, 29 were first time visitors to the cruise-in.

One of those first time visitors was Dave Bratton with his 1937 Ford convertible. Dave is a regular participant in Central Ohio car shows.

Doug Leffel brought his 2018 Chrysler 300 "Hemi" this week instead of his Porsche.  The paint color on his car is called "Magnum Steel".  It can look black, gray, or dark blue depending on lighting.


Don Overly drove his supercharged 1965 Ford Mustang GT convertible. If the cruise-in gave out trophies, his car would get my pick for Best of Show.

Dan Varner debuted his latest "Survivor" car.  He picked up this 1960 Cadillac with 35,000 original miles over the winter.   

A couple of exceptional station wagons showed up during the evening.

Not often you see two Dodge Vipers at a car show or cruise-in.

First time this season I've seen Mike Jackson's 1952 Divco Ice Cream truck .

Here are some more vehicles that showed up for week three.

To celebrate the new attendance record, the restaurant raffled off not one but TWO $30 gift cards to go along with the usual cakes, pies and cookies.I predicted after the first week that the Der Dutchman cruise-ins were going to be a lot fun this season.  I can certainly say that through the first three weeks that prediction has been true.

4 thoughts on “Cars Overflow at Der Dutchman

  1. Jon Kelly

    Kim, what a great website and resource you have developed. I didn't know about it until you mentioned it today. The photos and news items are all fabulous. Hope to see you at another show soon! Jon Kelly (WHS 1970)

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Jon, Your comments regarding the website are greatly appreciated.

      If you have some free time on a Thursday evening, check out the Der Dutchman cruise-in. Lots of great cars, great people and great food.

      1. arch mayer

        Kim, was glad to be a part of the new attendance record at der dutchman cruise in this past Thursday. the show is pretty amazing and draws so many different types of cars. I always enjoy it. it was a pleasure chatting with you about the show and your website Thursday night. keep up the great work. Arch Mayer 98 svt cobra

        1. Kim Hawksworth

          Hi Arch, It's been amazing to see the number of cars that show up each week at Der Dutchman. I can remember when 50 cars was a good week. Now the attendance has tripled!

          I always enjoy talking with you. You taught me a lot about the gen 4 Mustang this past Thursday.

          Stay well,


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