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The Brands Battle it Out in Sunbury

With 11 events in the central Ohio area on Saturday, it was a tough call as to which event to attend.  In the end, the Battle of the Brands in Sunbury, Ohio won my afternoon.

This is the third year for the show organized by the GTO Association of Central Ohio and sponsored by the Big Walnut Grill and Jets Pizza.

With weather just about as perfect as one could
wish for, attendance exceeded expectations.  Registration had to be stopped at 160 vehicles because the club ran out of window placards.  Parking turned out to be a little tight because a motorcycle porker run had also been scheduled for Saturday.

Registration was $10.  There were no door prizes, however, the Walnut Grill offered a $10 buffet to show participants, and Jets Pizza had two pieces of cheese or pepperoni pizza plus a drink for $5.  There was a 50/50 drawing  which reached a winning half of $150.



The show used what I like to call "participation" Judging.   Each registered vehicle owner received a ballot to record their five favorite vehicles.  This is definitely not my favorite form of judging as it tends to make award selection more of a popularity contest rather than based on the merits of the automobile.

Awards were presented for top 25, Best Chevy, Best Ford, Best Mopar, Best Pontiac, Best Import, Best Buick/Olds/Cadillac, Best Other, and Best of Show.

TOP 25

Here are a few of the Top 25 winners:

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Best Mopar:

Best Import:

Best Ford:

Best Pontiac:

Best Other:

Best Chevy:

Best Buick/Olds/Cadillac:


The "Best of Show" winner was the 1964 Mercury Montery of Jim and Betty Rhoden.


Overall I'd give the show an A minus.  The GTO Association did a good job of managing the parking, especially considering the scheduling conflict with the poker run.  I like the fact that registration was all computerized.  The awards presentation went off exactly at the announced time, and the awards were presented in a timely manner.  My only negative was the "participation judging".  I hope next year the GTO Association considers having club members or some other people not entered in the show do the judging.


4 thoughts on “The Brands Battle it Out in Sunbury

  1. Nick

    I want to thank those that voted for my 64 Fairlane as a top 25 pick. I agree with you on the event. I love when events end on time. I also got to eat a great sub from JETS. Plus it was only $10 to register. Great time was had!

  2. George

    I was at the Battle of the Brands.I agree that the GTO Club done a good job up to awards.I have been doing the car show thing off and on since 1990.If there is a car show with participation judging I will not attend if I know it.So I can say next year I will not waste my gas.There was a group of people together in a easy up and if not all their cars most of them won.Without the hoods up or trucks open.That is sad !!!!!

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      I agree. If the GTO Assoc plans to use participation judging again next year, I likely won't attend either. That would be a shame since the show is very good except for the method of judging.

  3. Dick Shultz

    Decent show. Parking has to be expanded for shows in the future. Judging was a joke. Participant judging does not work (it's vote for your buddy judging) and they even ran out of ballots before there were a 100 cars there.

    I even complained there were way too many cars without a registration form in the window. It is possible that most of them registered, but didn't want to be judged... if true, write that on form. I feel some didn't pay and were taking up valuable space.

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