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USA Days Car Show: Second Week for Double Awards

For the second week in a row, several cars received double awards. This time it was at the Heart of Ohio USA Days Car Show in Centerburg, Ohio.

The show presented metal signs to the Top 100 cars along with four special awards.

Two of the special award winners also received Top 100 awards. As I've said many times before, giving cars multiple awards is a great way to kill future attendance at your show.

And speaking of attendance, the event on Sunday registered 250 vehicles.

That's down from 387 last year but not bad considering there was a discussion at last year's award presentation that the 2018 show might be the last. I know flyers for this year's show didn't appear until the middle of August, less than a month before the event.

The USA Days event has had a reputation for having some of the best door prizes of any show in the area. Sunday's event did nothing to dispel that reputation. The $15 registration got you a single raffle ticket for a chance to win the usual ball caps, can coolies, and food gift cards. You could also purchase additional raffle tickets for the big prizes which included a lawnmower, flat-screen TV, floor jack, and garage creeper just to name a few. I chuckled a bit watching the winner of the lawnmower try to fit it in the trunk of his 1962 Dodge Dart. Really wish I would have taken a photo of that.

There were several food vendors on site providing refreshments for the show-goers. And just like last year, the USA Days volunteers sold hot dogs for a dollar each to help raise money.

The Awards

As I stated at the beginning of this report, metal signs were presented to the Top 100 cars along with four special awards. The special awards were Mayor's Choice, Fireman's Choice, long-distance, and Best of Show.

Here is a sampling of the Top 100 winners:

Long Distance Award
1989 Porsche (not pictured)
Owner: Greg Adams from Springfield, Ohio

Mayor's Choice
1970 Chevy Chevelle SS
Owner: Harry Squires

Fireman's Choice
1970 Dodge Dart
Owner: Cory Barber

Best of Show
1954 Chevy Bel Air
Owner: Steve Andrix

The Heart of Ohio USA Days show has been very good to Steve. If you remember, Steve took Best of Show last year with his 1948 Chevy Pickup. Both the pickup and Bel Air are beautiful vehicles and well deserved Best of Show winners.

It was nice to see a few late model cars receive a Top 100 award. Besides the double awards and some rain drops right before the awards ceremony, I thought this year's show turned out well.

Other Area Shows and Cruise-Ins

The weekly cruise-in at the Der Dutchman Restaurant in Plain City, Ohio had another solid turn out Thursday evening. This week the cruise-in registered 178 cars. Eighteen of those were first-time participants.

This Thursday the cruise-in is trying to set a record of 300 cars! Right now the weather forecast looks dry. If you're not doing anything that evening, drive your car out to Der Dutchman and help set a record.

The Vintage Auto Club of Delaware had 33 cars show up for their September First Friday Cruise-in.

Here are some of the cars:

I received information that close to 500 cars turned out for the Lite the Nite Car Show in downtown Newark, Ohio on Saturday. I'm told most of the parking spots were gone by 9 AM.

Trophy sponsors did the judging so if you didn't know a sponsor, the chances of getting one of the 4 ft or 6 ft trophies were pretty slim to none.

Auto Smart Radio Cruise and Ride hosted two shows this weekend. On Saturday they were at Ten Pin Alley in Hilliard, Ohio. The show registered 76 cars. Best of Show went to Creative Mobile Interiors and their 1972 Chevy Custom Camper.

On Sunday, the Auto Smarts team was at the Motts Military Museum in Groveport, Ohio for the Motts Military Driving for Daisy show. Over 90 cars turned out for this show.

The September Rod Knockers show in Marion, Ohio on Saturday evening had another big turn out with more than 130 cars.

Here are a few cars from the show:

And finally, the C-Town Cruisers registered 51 cars Sunday for their monthly show at Buffalo Wings & Rings on East Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio.

Rumor has it that next month may be the final show the C-Town Cruisers host at the restaurant.

Another week of the 2019 season is in the books. My quick count shows 15 events on the schedule for next weekend. Check out the Upcoming Events post for a complete list of shows for the week of September 11 - 17.

18 thoughts on “USA Days Car Show: Second Week for Double Awards

  1. Bill

    I follow car shows all over the nation and multiple trophies are common down south. Saw one show this weekend where one participant took home 5 trophies including best of show, best paint, sponsors choice, peoples choice and best wheels.

    Coughlin Chevrolet had 205 cars of all makes and models at thier free car show Saturday.
    Free food, free T-shirt’s and free posters.
    Lots of variety for makes, models and years of attendees.
    They presented awards to the top 100 and all cars where judged.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the info on the Coughlin show. Always amazes me how many car show enthusiasts there are in Central Ohio. Between Coughlin Chevrolet and the Newark Nite the Lite show, there were close to 700 cars participating in car shows 16 miles apart.

      Not sure I could handle car shows in the south if multiple trophies is the norm.

  2. Nick

    Thank you, for what you do. I keep up on the Columbus area events through you. I have been doing this for 30 years, and have always agreed that no one should get numerous awards at any show. Also, maybe some events should stop saying "Top, or Judged" and go to favorites. It would be more realistic when you see some of the cars that win. I do believe in "spreading the wealth" to keep interest up in the hobby.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      You're welcome, Nick! I enjoy reporting on the Central Ohio car show scene.

      I think the majority of car show enthusiast will agree on one award per car. The Best of Show winner doesn't need to go home with a"Favorite" or "Top whatever" award in addition to the Best of Show. It's been deemed Best of Show for goodness sake! That says it all.

      You bring up a good point about "Top" vs "Favorite". Looking back on the 100 USA Days winners, a few of the cars were definitely more on the "Favorite" side than they were the "Top".

  3. Dave

    USA car show was nice as to the double awards they were just a tin sign and a plastic award. The ones that picked don’t know who are getting top 100. Not like it’s big money. So grow up and have a nice day.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Dave, Tin signs and plastic trophies are not the point. The point is two people went home with two awards while two other deserving cars went home with nothing. When you're paying a $15 registration fee, you expect the judging and awards to be done right. It shouldn't matter that the people who picked the special awards didn't know who received a Top 100. All that is needed is for someone to go down the list of Top 100 winners and if the Mayor's Choice or Best of Show winners are on that list, mark them off and give their Top 100 award to someone else. Seems simple to me.

      I didn't write about this in my report, but what really got me about USA Days show was the presenter made a big deal about cars being double winners. I don't think I would have been eager to announce that to the crowd. But that's just me.

      1. Steve

        I was at that show and agree they should have checked each list so no double awards are given. I received a top 100 award and was very grateful. I as everyone hung around to see who won the best of show since there were some awesome cars on the grounds. No one was more surprised than me when they called my name for best of show. I accepted it but believe me I felt uncomfortable about it. A friend of mine who was there did not receive an award and he now has the top 100 award. I hope that next year they correct this making it fair for all participants.

        1. Kim Hawksworth

          Hi Steve, Thanks for your perspective on the show. I'm with you in the hope that they get this corrected next year. This was the third show in two weeks where some cars received double awards after going almost all summer without this happening. As someone who experienced double awards the week before I can understand how uncomfortable it made you feel. I felt the same. We all know how hard everyone works to clean and maintain their cars. The more a show can spread the award love the better in my book.

          1. Steve

            Don't anyone take this wrong but the awards are nice but the best reward is when fellow Rodders/car lovers come up to you and compliment you and the work you have done on your vehicle. That’s the real award.

          2. Kim Hawksworth

            I agree although I think it's also nice to have your vehicle recognized in the presence of other car show enthusiasts with a formal award.

  4. Jim

    In addition to multiple awards, two other issues I have with some of the shows of late are length (entirely too long) and music (entirely too loud). I don’t need to be at a car show from 10 to 3 and I definitely don’t need to hear ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ AGAIN at 160db while I’m trying to have a conversation. I came to see cars and talk to people, not lose what’s left of my hearing. Also kinda wish that if they’re gonna play classics, play some B sides rather than the same 20 songs we’ve all heard so many times our brains automatically tune them out. Rant/off.

    Thanks for the website Kim. Good stuff!

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Jim, Glad you enjoy the website. As far as the length of a show, I consider 4-5 hours to be ideal for a judged show. You want there to be enough time for cars to register and enough time to adequately judge every car. I tend to avoid shows that have registration from 9-12N and awards at 5 PM. I agree with you, that's too long. On the other hand, I'm a little suspicious of shows that have two hours for registration and a single hour for judging. That might work for a show of less than 30 or 40 cars, but you get a show pushing 100 cars or more and there's no way every car can be adequately judged in an hour. To be honest, I'm getting more and more fond of those 2-3 hr cruise-ins. You can come when you want and leave when you want.

      Like you, I've been to shows where the music is entirely too loud and it's definitely no fun. No question, the DJ can make or break a show. By the end of August, I'm really, really tired of listening to '50s and '60s music. And it gets more on my nerves if it's excessively loud 50's and 60's music.

  5. dan varner

    If you care to mention it, there is the Wings and Wheels Car/Airplane Show Saturday at 1530 Pole Lane Rd., Marion. I believe that is at the airport. Vintage planes along with vintage cars. Something different.

    Have a good one,

  6. Larry

    Kim i agree with you on the length of these shows, i have wondered why they can't make two hour registration starting at 9am and wrap up with awards by 3pm for most shows ?? As for the double awards thing' I agree with you and Steve.I feel when there are hundreds of great show cars and limited awards' giving out doubles not very fair to all ... Steve definitly deserved the 'BEST OF SHOW' award for that beautifull '54'... Thanks Kim for the great work you do,and see you at next show.,Larry

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Larry, Thanks for your input. I agree two hours for registration is more than ample time. Most of the Auto Smarts shows advertise registration from 10 to Noon and awards at 3 PM. I'll go a step further and say registration from 10-12N, judging from Noon to 2 PM and awards at 2:30 with everyone on their way home by 3 PM. That would be my ideal event times.

      There's no question in my mind that Steve's '54 deserved Best of Show at Centerburg. It and his '48 pickup are absolutely beautiful vehicles. The guy has a real talent for restoring cars.

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