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Upcoming Events (September 20 – 23)

This week has a couple of shows that were originally scheduled for earlier in the month but were rescheduled to this weekend because of the weather.

This week will mark the final Jack Maxton cruise-in of the season. [UPDATE: MAXTON'S HAS BEEN RESCHEDULE TO 9/28 DUE TO WEATHER FORECAST]

Der Dutchman is looking to set a record of 200 cars on Thursday evening. Everyone will receive a free cup of ice cream if the goal is reached, so come on out to Plain City.





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4 thoughts on “Upcoming Events (September 20 – 23)

  1. robert boerner

    no rain is always a good day to have car shows but who knows i like cars but reg fees are to high for most people on low income so they don't go are just hang out still cool joey bee

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      I agree the fees being asked at some shows is too high. I have no issue paying $10 or $15 to enter a show. If the fee is $20 or more, the show better be something special.

  2. Scott H

    Another weekly event that I don't see mentioned here is the Cars and Coffee at the Lenox AMC (315 and Kinnear Road), north side of the mall.

    This runs year 'round from about 8:30 Saturday morning until 11:30 or so. This one is actually bigger off season because there isn't some many competing events. It's everything there from all eras and all countries.

    Friendly crowd and no attitude. I'll be there tomorrow

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Scott, I'm very familiar with cars and coffee at Lennox Town Center. I haven't made it there this year, however, I posted several reports last year from the Saturday morning event. I also rated Columbus Cars and Coffee at Lennox Town Center the second best cruise-in in Central Ohio for 2017.

      I've debated about including it in the weekly upcoming events post but have made a decision to promote events that are sponsored by a business, club or organization. To my knowledge there is no formal group associated with Columbus Cars and Coffee.

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