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Upcoming Events (June 5 – 11)

Here's this week's list of Central Ohio events.

I don't normally list events north of Marion, Ohio, however, there are two shows on Saturday in Bucyrus that I know are of interest to folks living in the northern part of the readership area. The same is true for the Corvettes at Roscoe Village. The Newark area is generally my cut-off on the east. Last year I received several requests to list the Roscoe Village event so I'm listing it again this year.

While you're at it, check out the Save the Dates Part Two for a complete list of upcoming shows for the rest of the season.








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4 thoughts on “Upcoming Events (June 5 – 11)

  1. arch mayer

    hey Kim, me and cliff attended the third Hilton cruise in last night. had a pretty good turnout and was a great evening. ran into Jeff Shankle and his wife as well. thought I heard him say there were some where in the mid 60s on the car count. there were lots of nice cars ive never seen. think this has the potential to be a big weekly event like derdutchman if the word gets out on it. we have the option of grabbing food at the Hilton bar as well as use of the Hiltons restrooms. they had some music playing for this one which I think you may have suggested to them at the first show. it does help. hope all is well. we have missed you at the shows.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hey Arch,

      I got an email last night from Larry Walters about the Hilton Cruise-in. I figured yesterday's turn out would be good because of the nice weather. I agree, it has the potential to be a big cruise-in. That parking lot is ideal for a cruise-in.

      Not sure when I’ll be able to attend any shows. Providing care and support for my parents is consuming most of my time at the moment.

      Take care,


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