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Upcoming Events (April 24 – 26)

If you need to take a drive in your car, truck or bike to maintain your sanity during these "shelter at home" days, here are some more cruises scheduled for this weekend.

Check out the Save the Dates for 2020 page for an up-to-date list of cancellations, postponements, and rescheduled events.




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9 thoughts on “Upcoming Events (April 24 – 26)

  1. Larry

    Thanks for update Kim, are you going attend any of the four ? I got the hodrod out sunday for bout an hour, felt great just to cruise. Probably wont go to any events yet,due to this virus thing... stay safe and hope to see ya soon,Larry

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Larry, I'm not planning to attend anything this weekend. If a cruise happens closer to home, I might participate.

      Glad to hear you got the Nova out this weekend. I've been driving mine to check on my mother when the weather is nice.

      I'm afraid this entire car show season could be a bust. We're already seeing events in June canceled and I just got word that the big show in downtown Delaware has been canceled. I'm still trying to confirm but if that's true, it's a huge blow to the season.

  2. Jim

    The Statewide cruise and dine ad has a funny typo. I mean I hope its a typo. Otherwise, no thanks, China has done enough for the community.

  3. Clement Thurn

    DeWine is supposed to be talking about his outline/plans to start to re open the State of Ohio at his usual 2 : 00 pm press conference on Thursday, 4/23/20 , which is tomorrow. It will be interesting.

    I for one have been thinking, and I know a lot of other car show fans have been thinking too. Car shows are held outside. They are NOT in an enclosed place, such as the 2,800 seat Ohio Theater, where people are shoulder to shoulder. We can park our cars further apart than what we "normally " do, wear masks, social distance, not shake hands, sanitize trophies before handing them out, or just not have trophies . Maybe just call them " gatherings ".

    For the life of me, can't car show organizers/promoters in our Central Ohio area put their heads together , have some kind of meetings online or Zoom or whatever, and come up with new protocols and guidlines and present these to the State ???

    Certainly, calmer heads can prevail here. I know this disease is real, I am not trying to downplay it or sound like a negative Nelly here, but for Pete's sake, let's get this together. The economy is in the toilet, people are out of work, we need to get back to normal.

    Sorry if this sounded like ranting, but there must be a way to hold car shows, or gatherings, although with some safety modifications, so we can start to get some normalcy back in our lives. Maybe there is some kind of loophole ??

    Thank you all and wonder what others are thinking ??

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Clement, I agree with everything you wrote. I have no problems social distancing, no trophies, no shaking hands, wearing a mask, etc. I think the biggest issues to having shows and cruise-in return are restrooms, food, registration, and liability. And the biggest of these issues is liability. Any promoter/organizer runs the risk of being sued if someone at their event gets infected with the coronavirus. This is the prime reason the downtown Delaware show has been canceled. The city of Delaware felt it could not guarantee everyone's safety.

      I know from my own personal perspective, I'm not comfortable using any public restroom right now or touching money and raffle tickets.

      Until all these issues are worked out, I think we're going to be forced to do cruises instead of shows and cruise-ins.

  4. Clement Thurn

    Thanks, Kim. I hate to say it, but what you wrote makes sense. Better days ahead, hopefully.

  5. Clement Thurn

    Ha, and I was going to buy another car to add to my collection.....why the hell bother now. Pointless.

  6. Steven Schaeffer

    Very impressed with Kim's remarks. I am certainly ready to do the Car Shows since I don't drag race anymore. However she makes some very good points.

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