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Blast Away to a Better Finish

If you're serious about detailing your car, you've no doubt heard about, or already use an electric leaf blower to remove water from the nooks and crannies of your car to prevent water spotting following a wash.  The Metro Air Force Master Blaster takes that action a major step forward.


Armed with two 4 hp electric motors (8 hp total) ,  the Master Blaster blows out a powerful stream of slightly warmed, filtered air. Not only does it blow water out of the nooks and crannies, but it's powerful enough to blow dry the entire car thus reducing another opportunity to introduce swirl marks and scratches to your paint.

The unit sits on four wheels making it easy to roll around your car.  A 1.5 inch diameter, 10 ft flexible hose with neoprene rubber tip concentrates the warm air over the finish.

At around $350, the Master Blaster is certainly not cheap. I debated purchasing my unit for more than two years.  What eventually convinced me to take the plunge and buy a unit was  how much time it was taking to dry my car with an electric leaf blower.  The Master Blaster has cut that drying time in half.

Besides using it as a powerful dryer,  I have found the Master Blaster great for blowing dust and pollen off the car finish.  I use my Master Blaster as a sort of "touchless" duster to clear off as much debris  as possible  before going to a show.   Because it blows warm air, the Master Blaster can also be used to free frozen door locks.

A few words of caution.  First, the two electric motors draw 18 amps of current when both are operating.  My unit damaged a 15 amp GFI outlet within 30 minutes of first using it.  Replacing the bad outlet with one rated at 20 amps has provided trouble-free operation since.  Second,  the Master Blaster blows a powerful stream of air.  The flexible hose will snake around when both motors are operating. To prevent the hose from smacking into your car or other close by objects, make sure you have a hold of the hose before turning on both motors.  Along this same line,  the unit can blow all sorts of debris around when pointed somewhere other than at the car.   Always make sure to point the hose up in the air when turning it on or off,  or rolling the unit around the car.  The output and force of air coming out of the Master Blaster can produce a mini dust storm if pointing towards the ground.

If your budget can afford it,  the Master Blaster is an excellent tool to add to your detailing arsenal.  It's one of those products that once you have one, you don't know how you lived without it. Well worth the investment if you're serious about detailing your car.

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