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Everyone, this is it. The last posting of Central Ohio events for 2020.

Weather permitting, Cars and Coffee at Lennox Town Center will be the only event through the remainder of year unless some impromptu car meets pop up.

The weekly event posts will start back up again next April.

Just like this year, I will start compiling a Save the Dates for 2021 page in late January or early February so you can start planning your 2021 car show season.

News and Notes:

The wife and I and puppy will be heading for Florida right after the new year. As I’ve gotten older, I can’t tolerate the cold and snow like I could in my younger years. We will be back in April just in time for the start of the season.

I'm praying that Covid is in our rearview mirrors by early 2021 and life and car shows return to some semblance of normal (I'm darn tired of having to wear a mask).

Here's hoping that everyone has a happy and safe holiday season. Please stay safe out there. Will talk again in 2021.


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Central Ohio Forecast
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An old wheelbarrow became a makeshift fire pit Friday evening to keep the 17 car and truck owners that turned out for the final Creative Towing/Advanced Auto Parts car show in Marysville, Ohio from freezing to death.

By the end of the show, temperatures had fallen into the mid to low 20's. Thank goodness there wasn't much wind or the evening would have been really brutal.

For this final show of the season, six awards were presented.

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Cold temperatures and areas of Central Ohio with salt on the roads did not stop 59 cars from participating in the Veterans Day Car Show at the American Legion Southway Post 144 on Sunday. 

This was Big Dawg and the C-Town Cruisers last show for 2018.

Big Dawg told me the Cruisers already have 19 events lined up for next year including the Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival.  This is a good sign that 2019 will be another big year for car events in Central Ohio. 

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