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A number of Top 100 winners from the Performance Classic Car Show, who may have left early because of the heat, have not picked up their trophy.

The list of winners can be found on the Performance Classic Car Show website.

If your name is on the list and you haven't picked up your award, please contact Jeff Brashares.

Show shirts are still available for $10 each. All proceeds from the sale of the shirt go to Impact 60 and the Arthritis Foundation charities.


Most of my time this week has been spent moving my Dad from skilled nursing care to assisted living. As a result, I haven't had much time to devote to this blog. I hope to have a report from last week posted before the end of the week. Keeping my fingers crossed...

A few more events have been added to the Save the Dates Part Two page this week. We're almost half-way through the season and I can't believe the number of events still being posted.

Just want to give everyone a heads up, This site is linking to an old version of the Pepsi's Auto Smarts Radio Cruise & Ride 2019 schedule. The old version has Ten Pin Alley in Hilliard scheduled for a show this Saturday (7/20). The date of that show has been changed to September 7. If you have a copy or link to an up-to-date version of the Auto Smarts schedule, please let me know. I'm told there may be as many as six versions floating around the interweb. Unfortunately, I can't find any of them.








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Central Ohio Forecast
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The Central Ohio weather this past weekend turned out to be a nightmare for car shows. The steady rain on Friday postponed Jack Maxton's Friday Night Cruisin' until the following Friday (7/27).  This is only the second time I can remember a Maxton show being postponed.

The weather also postponed the Vanity Wheels and Heels show scheduled on Saturday. That show has been rescheduled  for the following week (7/28).   And finally, the Marengo, Ohio Christian Church postpone their Son Shine show on Sunday. A new date has yet to be determined.


Those shows that did take place as scheduled saw their attendance take a beating.  Most notable was the Performance Classic Car Show (formerly Blast from the Past) in downtown Delaware, Ohio.  I received reports that attendance was well under 200 cars.   Compare that to last year's attendance of more than 450 vehicles.

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Despite the great weather, the two major downtown shows on Saturday saw a drop in registration compared to previous years.

The Performance Classic Car Show in downtown Delaware, Ohio (formerly Blast from the Past) ended up with around 450 registered vehicles.  In recent years, this show had registration figures in the 600-700 range.  The show set an all time high of 750 registered vehicles in 2015.

I participated in the downtown Plain City downtown show two years ago and registration that day was well over 200 cars.  This year the show missed the 200 mark by 11 cars.  I'm  assuming the change in the hours of the show was to attract some cross-over participation from the Delaware show.

It certainly didn't help that Columbus and surrounding area had nine other shows on the schedule for Saturday.  Word on the street had the Jax Wax registration at around 250 cars. If anyone has registration numbers from any of the other shows on Saturday, please post them in the comments.

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