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The first weekend of events is two weeks away. As promised, here is the 2019 Save the Dates Part Two. Those events with an asterisk * after their location have been added to the list since part one.

A few things to point out:

  1. The 2019 schedule for the Auto Smarts Radio Cruise and Ride series is being finalized. I'm told it should be out very soon. UPDATE: The Schedule is finally out. Click Here to view.
  2. Jack Maxton's Friday Cruisin' Flyer for 2019 has not been made public at the time of this posting. Last year it arrived in my mail towards the end of April. I was told last fall that all the bands were booked for 2019 so I expect to see the flyer soon. UPDATE: Maxton has finally posted the flyer for this year's shows. Click Here to view.
  3. It looks like the Arthritis Foundation will only be sponsoring two shows this year -- the big Dublin Show at the end of June and the downtown Delaware show in July. I've seen no mention of an August show at the Honda dealership in Marysville. Rumor has it the dealership has changed owners and that may explain why the show dropped off this year's schedule. If you have any information about why this show is or is not happening, please post it in the comment, section. Editors Note: See the comment from Jeffrey Brashars on the status of this show
  4. This is by no means a complete list of events for 2019. The events listed are ones that I have been able to confirm either through emails sent to me or through information that's already posted to the internet. There are a lot of organizations that won't "officially" announce their event until later in the season. See point number five for the most up-to-date listing of events in the area.
  5. The weekly Upcoming Events postings will start back up the first week in April. Login to this site every Tuesday or Wednesday for a list of events happening around Central Ohio for the upcoming week. Rube's Cruisin' News (614-274-6008) is another excellent source for weekly event information.

Ongoing Events: