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I finally got the chance to do one of the Tee Jaye's shows on Saturday.

The Cruisin' Tee Jaye's shows are held on the first Saturday of the month at the Tee Jaye's on Morse Road and the fourth Saturday of the month at the restaurant on West Broad Street across from Hollywood Casino.

I had tried to do the Morse Road show back in June but the event was canceled because of weather. Other than some warm temperatures, there were no weather issues on Saturday at the West Broad Street event.

The registration fee was $10. Door prize and 50/50 raffle tickets were also available to purchase. All proceeds from Saturday's show went to Nationwide Children's Hospital.

The restaurant set up a food tent in the parking lot that offered hot dogs, hamburgers, soda pop, and water. I was a little surprised to see the food tent close down before the end of the show. I had been talking to someone about his car and when the conversation finished I headed over to the tent to get a hot dog and something to drink. Much to my surprise, the food tent was gone! There was still an hour and a half left in the show. Oh well, that will teach me to wait to eat.

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After one of the hottest weekends on record, a cool front finally pushed through last Monday bringing more seasonable temperatures and less humidity. The net result of the weather change was some nice attendance numbers this week at the local cruise-ins

Tuesday Night Cruise-In at the Hilton Polaris

After a slow start, the Tuesday Night Cruise-In at the Hilton Polaris had over 70 cars show up.

The mode of operation for this cruise-ins seems to be for everyone to show up after 6:30 PM. Prior to 6:30 there were maybe 4-5 cars in the parking lot. I think rush hour traffic has something to do with the late start.

Here are some of the cars that made it out to the cruise-in:

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The Driving Guitars provided "Live" music at this week's Tuesday Night Cruise-In at the Hilton Polaris. The band is made up of three members from the band the Danger Brothers. Many of you may remember the Danger Brothers. At one time they were pretty well known around Central Ohio. Having "live" entertainment brought the cruise-in to a another level.

Great weather for the second week in a row pushed Tuesday evening's attendance just a shade shy of 70 vehicles.

There was a nice mix of classic and modern vehicles on display. Examples included Steve Andrix with a 1948 Chevy pickup, and Arch Mayer with a 2004 Mustang Mach 1.

Another example of the old and new mix was this Edsel station wagon and Tesla Model X.

My favorite automobile of the evening was this 1957 Chevy Bel Air. If I were picking a "Best of Show", this would have been my choice.

Classic Resurrection out of Grove City, Ohio did the build. The car only has 400 miles on it since being restored. As you can imagine, the owner is a little apprehensive about driving it around.

The engine is a modern fuel injected LS2 from a Chevy Tahoe. The front seats were taken from a 2015 Chevy Camaro where they were modified and reupholstered. All I can say is the car is a real beauty!

Let me close by saying Chad Schirtzinger, the host of the Tuesday Night Cruise-In, has been very aggressive getting the word out about this event and it's starting to show. For a new cruise-in to get 70 cars two weeks in row is a tribute to his hard work. If you're looking for something to do on a Tuesday evening, I highly recommend checking out the Hilton Polaris Cruise-in.

I can't believe two months of the season is under our belts already. Wow, is time flying fast!

We've got a "jam-packed" list of events for the first weekend in June. Lots of choices, especially on Saturday. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

If you're looking for a list of future shows and cruise-ins, check out the Save the Dates Part Two page. It's the most complete list of Central Ohio events you'll find on the internet.


  • Cruisin' Wednesdays at Wendell's Pub - Westerville







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Approximately 30 - 40 cars showed up on Tuesday evening for the first Polaris Hilton cruise-in. Considering the colder than normal temperatures, this was an impressive start.

As you can see from the photos, the parking area is huge. It can easily support more than 100 vehicles. There's also plenty of room for canopies and lots of shade trees around the perimeter whenever the weather around here finally decides to warm up.

The N.S.R.A Safety Inspectors were available to anyone wishing to have their vehicle inspected.

The Hilton passed out coupons giving vehicle owners special pricing at The Bar@8700 inside the hotel.

My only complaint was the lack of music. Without it, the environment seemed a little sterile. Otherwise, this cruise-in shows a lot of potential. I can't say I'll make it every week, but I'll definitely show up to a few more before the summer ends.