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Here are the Central Ohio car events for the second weekend of August.

Events will likely be added or canceled as the week progresses, so check back often for updates.

News and Notes:

Between the virus and weather this past week, I don't have much to report. Two shows scheduled for this weekend, the Hosanna Lutheran Car Show in Pataskala on Friday evening and the Purple Door Car Show in Grove City on Saturday have both been canceled.

My primary computer took a big dump Saturday afternoon. Damn thing won't even power on. As has been my luck this year, both Apple stores in Columbus are closed because of the pandemic. Earliest I can get the computer into a repair center is Thursday as a walk-in. I mention all this as a warning that updates may not be as timely as usual this week.

The Save the Dates for 2020 page is still be updated regularly. Unfortunately, there were more cancellations last week then additions.


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