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Thanks to mother nature, the final Jack Maxton Friday Night Cruisin of the season was a washout.

Around 6 PM, the first of two rain showers fell upon the 200 registered cars and trucks. To add insult to injury, the first shower stopped long enough for everyone to dry off their vehicles. About the time the band was sheduled to start playing, the second round arrived with a vengeance. Not only did it include heavy rain, but this time there were strong winds, lightning, and thunder to keep everyone on their toes.

When it was all said and done, everything and I mean everything was soaked. The British Invasion was forced to cancel their show because of water-soaked equipment. I spent Saturday drying out folding chairs, towels and all of my detailing products. The floor mats in my car were still damp as of Saturday afternoon.

The awards presentation, which took place an hour early, had to be held in the showroom. The winners were announced using the dealership's intercom system.

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Beautiful summer-like weather greeted the first Jack Maxton Friday Night Cruisin' of the season. Music by the Hipnotics mesmerized the crowd throughout the evening.

Nice weather and first show is generally a combination that attracts a lot of cars. Friday's cruise-in was no exception. The show "officially" registered 252 Chevys. Counting the cars that showed up but didn't register the exact total was likely more than 300 cars.

My friend and I got there at 3:30 PM so we could get parking spots in front of showroom.  We knew if we showed up much later all the spots out front would be gone.  I've been to previous Maxton first shows of the season that had cars parked in between rows of parked cars.  Even though Friday wasn't quite as crowded as some past shows, there were still a lot of cars.

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