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Here are the Central Ohio car events for this week.

News and Notes:

I erroneously reported that last week would be the last Grace Chapel cruise-in of the season. Actually, this Wednesday (9/30) will be the last cruise-in at the church. I apologize for the confusion.

The big event this week will be Colo's Classic Car Show at the Columbus Zoo. If the weather is good, you can expect somewhere close to 1000 cars to participate. No question it will be the largest event in Central Ohio for this Coronavirus restricted season.

The Der Dutchman Cruise-in finished the season on a very high note. The Plain City restaurant broke another attendance record with 402 cars on Thursday evening.

To top that off, another 115 cars showed up for the Coffee and Donuts cruise-in Saturday morning. I've got to say there's nothing finer than a "sugar buzz" from a Der Dutchman chocolate long john.

The Cars and Cones Ice Cream Cruise-in had another great turn out with well over 100 cars. Click Here to see some of the rides that showed up Sunday afternoon.

The Shamrock Club of Columbus Classic Car & Bike Show registered 140 cars on Sunday.

Events are still "trickling" in for the last two months of the season. Check out the Save the Dates for 2020 page for a list of shows and cruise-ins through the end of the year.


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Construction of a sea lions habitat at the Columbus Zoo moved the 11th Annual Colo's Classic Car Show from Jungle Jacks Landing to the main parking lot.

This was my third time participating in Colo's Classic. The first two were inside the zoo. I must say that I preferred the parking lot over Jungle Jacks Landing.

In my review of last year's show, I complained that it took more than 30 minutes to get inside the zoo, and that cars were packed in like sardines in a can.  And in the process of parking my car, I inadvertently ran over someone's cooler.

There was none of that this year.  I waited less than 10 minutes to enter the show area.  The parking lot allowed plenty of space between cars so no one had to worry about door dings or running over something.  It also afforded plenty of room for canopies. You could even save a spot for a buddy if needed.

Cars waiting to enter the show at 8 AM

Now some will argue that there were no shade trees and that the black top was hot.  I'll grant them those complaints.  But I'll argue that it's rare for  temperatures to be in the upper 80's the first week of October. The easy access and ample parking far out weighed the lack of shade, in my opinion.

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