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Here are the Central Ohio car events for this week.

News and Notes:

I erroneously reported that last week would be the last Grace Chapel cruise-in of the season. Actually, this Wednesday (9/30) will be the last cruise-in at the church. I apologize for the confusion.

The big event this week will be Colo's Classic Car Show at the Columbus Zoo. If the weather is good, you can expect somewhere close to 1000 cars to participate. No question it will be the largest event in Central Ohio for this Coronavirus restricted season.

The Der Dutchman Cruise-in finished the season on a very high note. The Plain City restaurant broke another attendance record with 402 cars on Thursday evening.

To top that off, another 115 cars showed up for the Coffee and Donuts cruise-in Saturday morning. I've got to say there's nothing finer than a "sugar buzz" from a Der Dutchman chocolate long john.

The Cars and Cones Ice Cream Cruise-in had another great turn out with well over 100 cars. Click Here to see some of the rides that showed up Sunday afternoon.

The Shamrock Club of Columbus Classic Car & Bike Show registered 140 cars on Sunday.

Events are still "trickling" in for the last two months of the season. Check out the Save the Dates for 2020 page for a list of shows and cruise-ins through the end of the year.


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My wife and I braved the unseasonably cold weather and downtown Saint Patrick's Day crowds to attend the Columbus International Auto Show Friday evening. By going Friday, we took advantage of our senior status for a 50% discount on the cost of admission. Add in parking and the total cost of attending the show was $20.  A relative bargain compared to the $42 it cost us to attend the Summit Racing show in February. Even without the discount, the International show turns out to be less expensive. Are you listening Summit Racing? Read more