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Slide That Hose

One of the most frustrating aspects of washing your car is getting the wash hose stuck on a tire as you pull it around the car. Whenever this happens, you typically have to walk back around the vehicle and pull the stuck hose away from the tire. A real pain if you have to do it multiple times during a wash!


Along comes the Royal Automotive Accessories company with a product called Hose Slide to solve this problem.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, Hose Slide is made of durable, chemical and UV-resistant plastic. Place the Hose Slide in front or behind a tire for "stuckless" washing.

The use of Hose Slide is not limited to wash hoses.  It also works great with electrical cords and air hoses to prevent them from getting trapped under the wheel.

Sold in either a pack of two or four,  Hose Slides will cost you between $13 and $20 depending on the quantity you buy.

I started using Hose Slides several washes ago and can say unequivocally it's a "must have" detailing accessory -- especially if you wash and detail your car on a regular basis.

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