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Salt Solution on the Roads Spoiled My Car Show Weekend

You can imagine my surprise on Friday morning at seeing salt solution or brine all over the roads in my area.

There was no way to avoid the stuff traveling east and south bound from my house. By 10 AM Friday morning every street in my parent's neighborhood had been sprayed with the stuff.

I'm still trying to understand why the roads needed to be treated in the first place. The long term forecast didn't call for any snow. There was a slight chance of showers Saturday evening. Were local officials afraid the rain would freeze on the roads? Temperatures were predicted to be in the upper 40s at the time. And even if the temperatures did drop close to freezing, the ground and roads are still warm enough to prevent any ice from forming.

Since I couldn't get out of the area without encountering the salt, I made the decision to keep my Camaro in the garage this weekend. What a bummer!

The salty roads didn't seem to deter attendance at the three events that took place in Columbus and Whitehall this weekend.

Estimates of close to 200 cars turned out for the Season 11 Finale of Columbus Cars and Coffee.

Everyone that showed up with a vehicle received a ribbon in appreciation for another successful season.

The C-Town Cruisers held their final Pep Boys Carnival of Cars for 2019 show on Saturday. Thirty-three cars and trucks participated in the event.

Just like the About the Trophy show at Wings & Rings three weeks earlier, everyone that registered a vehicle got to pick a trophy.

Originally scheduled for Saturday, October 26, The Pointe Bar & Grill in east Columbus held its 2nd Annual Spooktacular show on Sunday. With the roads a little less salty from Saturday evening's light showers, the show registered 64 vehicles.

Our good friends, Pam and Jeff Shankle, took home the Best of Show award with their 1936 Plymouth Business Coupe.

The last three Central Ohio outdoor events for 2019 will take place this coming weekend. The long term weather forecast is calling for colder than normal temperatures. I hope to do two of the events assuming the City of Columbus and Worthington don't decide to go on another salt attack this weekend.