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Registration Now Open for 37th Annual Classic Auto Show & Cruise-in

Below is an email I received today announcing that registration for the 37th Annual Arthritis Foundation Classic Auto Show & Cruise-in is now open.

This year the event has been moved to the last weekend in June so that it's not in direct competetion with Goodguys PPG Nations scheduled for July 12-14. I think this is good move for Central Ohio car show enthusiasts.

If you want to get an early jump on registration, logon to

2 thoughts on “Registration Now Open for 37th Annual Classic Auto Show & Cruise-in

  1. James Galt

    They lost me at ‘Miata’ as a featured marquee. OMG how did that become a thing??? Might as well have an Arthritis Foundation pride parade this year. What an embarassment to the car community all around.

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      I get the Fox Body Mustang as a marquee vehicle, but the others seem a weird choice to me, especially the trucks and SUVs.

      The Arthritis show lost me two years ago with the way the Camaro was treated as a marquee vehicle ( I didn't participate in the Dublin show last year and I'm on the fence about participating this year.

      If you notice, there's not much in the way of coverage on this website for any of the shows co-sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation. I think the registration fee for their shows is excessive and the judging leaves a lot to be desired. However, their events do attract a large audience so I can't completely ignore their existence.

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