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My Car is Getting Paint Protection Film

paint protection film application

Just dropped off my new Camaro this morning at Esoteric Detailing in New Albany to have their new car paint correction service, followed by the application of paint protection film (PPF), and finally application of two coats of a protective ceramic "glass" coating over the entire car.


This will be the first time having a PPF applied to my car. I decided to go this route because of concern that the car's black finish will expose paint chips like a "sore thumb" compared with other colors.

My major concern using a PPF is visibility. For a show car, the last thing you want judges to see is the edge of the film running across your paint finish. In my case, the PPF will be applied to the entire hood, front bumper and fenders, mirrors, side-rockers, and bottom portion of the rear quarter panel -- all the places prone to rock chips. Application in these areas will hopefully minimize film exposure.

On my previous Camaro, I had a ceramic paint coating applied to the finish with good results, so the application on the new car seemed like a no brainer. I'm told two coats should make the black finish really "pop".

The gang at Esoteric Detailing has promised to send me photos of the progress. I'll be sure to post them here. I also plan to do a full review of the service and products when finished. Stay tuned...

1 thought on “My Car is Getting Paint Protection Film

  1. Deb Pearl

    I have never heard of paint protection film for a car before! That's really cool that it can be applied to all of those places, like the hood, bumpers, and even the mirrors. If it protects your car's paint really well my husband would love something like that! I will have to look more into it!

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