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Chrysler Power Classic Permanently Retired.

National Trail Raceway (NTR) has decided to no longer host any future stand-alone events by outside promoters with two exceptions, the Mopar Nationals, and Import Faceoff.

This decision by NTR has forced permanent cancellation of the Chrysler Power Classic. An event with a 25 year history at the race track.

Jeff Johnson Motorsports posted the following message to their Facebook page regarding the fate of the Chrysler Power Classic.

Unfortunately, the cancellation of long-standing events like the Chrysler Power Classic may well be a trend seen over the next several years. I sure hope not.

Feel free to comment on this or other events whose viability may be in jeopardy.

2 thoughts on “Chrysler Power Classic Permanently Retired.

  1. Larry

    Sad to hear, I enjoyed seeing all the Mopars in and around Licking Co area.The wife is the true Mopar fan and will really miss this event..

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Larry, This news is definitely a set back for Mopar fans. I'm a little surprised National Trail is limiting events from outside promoters. You would think under the current economic climate they'd be jumping at the chance to host any event that comes their way. But I guess it must not be cost effective.

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