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Central Ohio Car Events: Save the Dates for 2022

Last Updated: 11-01-22

It's that time again to start planning your car show and cruise-in schedule for 2022. To help with the planning here is the "Central Ohio Car Events: Save the Dates for 2022".

Some event websites have not been updated for 2022. I have, however, confirmed all the event dates that are currently posted.

There are still a lot more events and schedules to be announced. I will be updating this post regularly over the course of the season. Please feel free to check back as often as you like or better yet bookmark this page. It should be another great car show season!

For those of you new to the website, the primary focus of is car events in and around Central Ohio. If you’re interested in events in other parts of the state, I recommend checking out, Ohio Car shows & Cruise-Ins (both are on Facebook), and Old All three are excellent resources for car events statewide. There are also links to other event resources and clubs under the Community tab so check it out too.

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Ongoing Events:


7 thoughts on “Central Ohio Car Events: Save the Dates for 2022

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Jim, You’re welcome.

      Not to rub it in too much. I’m in Florida for the winter so it’s much like April right now. 😎

  1. Clement Thurn

    Greetings, Kim !! Glad you are enjoying nice weather. Thanks for the updates....I know everyone is getting excited for this years season !!

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Hi Clement,
      If you have a Facebook account, check out my post from the downtown New Smyrna Beach cruise-in last Saturday. Weather was just about perfect. I’m guessing there were 400-500 cars. It made a big night at Der Dutchman seem pretty tame.

      I’m very much looking forward to this coming car show season. I’ll be curious to see if gas prices have any affect on attendance.

  2. Jim Gochnauer

    Wayne Nisly sent this out last week.

    Here are the dates for the 2022 Der Dutchman Cruise In season.

    April 21, Pre-Cruise In Luncheon. This is a, just for fun, come-and-go luncheon buffet from 3:30 - 7:00 PM.
    May 5, The starting date for the season Cruise In
    September 29, The final Cruise In of the season
    July 17, Saturday morning Coffee & Donut Cruise In
    September 17, Saturday morning Coffee & Donut Cruise
    October 6, Our end-of-the-year annual Cruise In Banquet
    You are invited to attend as many of these events as your schedule allows. I look forward to seeing you soon!


    Wayne Nisly - Manager

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Thanks, Wayne. I’ve posted this info to Old ride, my “Save the Dates for 2022” page, and multiple FaceBook Car groups.

      Should be another big season at Der Dutchman as long as gas price don’t go through the roof.

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