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Steady rain all day Saturday postponed one area show and washed out two others. Luckily the showers moved out the area in time for the American Legion Canteen Southway Post 144 Trunk or Treat Cruise-in on Sunday.

The event hosted by the C-Town Cruisers was held at the American Legion Canteen Southway Post 144 on South High Street in Columbus, Ohio. Along with the cars, the show featured a kid's Halloween party and hayride.

The food special inside the American Legion Canteen included a pulled pork sandwich, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, green beans and piece of cake all for $8.00.

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My big debate on Saturday was whether or not to drive to Marysville, Ohio for the last Cruise-in with King in 2019 or stay closer to home and maybe see some different cars at the first-ever Rock & Rhythm Auto Show held at Eldorados Food and Spirits.

Since I had already attended four Cruise-in with the King this year, staying closer to home won the debate.

As far as seeing some different cars, be careful what you wish for. No question the Rock & Rythm show didn't disappoint in that regard. I can honestly say I saw my first Maliglu.

Not all the cars were quite as unique. There were some traditional-looking cars out of the 18 that registered.

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The Empty Pockets Cruisers hosted their annual Trunk or Treat Car show on Saturday at the Hilliard Presbyterian Church in Hilliard, Ohio.

With temperatures near 80 on Friday, a cold front moved through the area overnight dropping the high on Saturday into the mid-50s. The drastic change in temperature caused the one car club to cancel their event on Saturday.

Despite the chilly temperatures, the Empty Pocket Cruisers went on with the show and managed to register 137 vehicles. In the afternoon, there were plenty of children dressed up in costumes trick or treating their way through the cars.

Once again the Ohio Zombie Guard was there to protect the crowd from zombies, ghosts, ghouls, globlins, and other unnatural phenomena.

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My father was back in the hospital this past week so for the first time since Memorial Day weekend, I didn't make it to any car shows.

I did, however, manage to break away for a few hours on Thursday evening to attend the Der Dutchman end of season banquet.

More than 200 people pre-registered for the banquet so there weren't very many empty chairs.

Wayne Nisly got the evening started by sharing some facts about this year's cruise-ins.

  • Wayne's database has accumulated the names of 1013 people who have registered a vehicle a least once during the past three years.
  • The total number of people to register in 2019 was 2341.
  • There were 341 first-timers this season.
  • There were four rainy evenings, but only two cancellations.
  • It was estimated that 84 lbs of bratwurst, 300 hot dogs, 600 hamburgers, and 115 gallons of ice cream were consumed during the season.
  • On June 29, the restaurant held its first-ever coffee and donut cruise-in.
  • Four times this year the cruise-in registered more than 200 vehicles.
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I finally got the chance to do one of the Tee Jaye's shows on Saturday.

The Cruisin' Tee Jaye's shows are held on the first Saturday of the month at the Tee Jaye's on Morse Road and the fourth Saturday of the month at the restaurant on West Broad Street across from Hollywood Casino.

I had tried to do the Morse Road show back in June but the event was canceled because of weather. Other than some warm temperatures, there were no weather issues on Saturday at the West Broad Street event.

The registration fee was $10. Door prize and 50/50 raffle tickets were also available to purchase. All proceeds from Saturday's show went to Nationwide Children's Hospital.

The restaurant set up a food tent in the parking lot that offered hot dogs, hamburgers, soda pop, and water. I was a little surprised to see the food tent close down before the end of the show. I had been talking to someone about his car and when the conversation finished I headed over to the tent to get a hot dog and something to drink. Much to my surprise, the food tent was gone! There was still an hour and a half left in the show. Oh well, that will teach me to wait to eat.

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Thanks to mother nature, the final Jack Maxton Friday Night Cruisin of the season was a washout.

Around 6 PM, the first of two rain showers fell upon the 200 registered cars and trucks. To add insult to injury, the first shower stopped long enough for everyone to dry off their vehicles. About the time the band was sheduled to start playing, the second round arrived with a vengeance. Not only did it include heavy rain, but this time there were strong winds, lightning, and thunder to keep everyone on their toes.

When it was all said and done, everything and I mean everything was soaked. The British Invasion was forced to cancel their show because of water-soaked equipment. I spent Saturday drying out folding chairs, towels and all of my detailing products. The floor mats in my car were still damp as of Saturday afternoon.

The awards presentation, which took place an hour early, had to be held in the showroom. The winners were announced using the dealership's intercom system.

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Der Dutchman in Plain City, Ohio failed to meet its goal of 300 cars on Thursday evening. Despite missing the goal, the restaurant still managed to have its best attendance of the year. The weekly cruise-in registered 243 vehicles. Forty-seven of those were first-time participants.

One of the first-timers was Matt Rittenhouse and his 2017 Camaro ZL1.

Creative Mobile Interiors and their 1972 Chevy C-30 custom camper was another first-timer.

Jeff and Lynne made their first appearance in a "slightly altered" 1973 Ford Econoline.

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For the second week in a row, several cars received double awards. This time it was at the Heart of Ohio USA Days Car Show in Centerburg, Ohio.

The show presented metal signs to the Top 100 cars along with four special awards.

Two of the special award winners also received Top 100 awards. As I've said many times before, giving cars multiple awards is a great way to kill future attendance at your show.

And speaking of attendance, the event on Sunday registered 250 vehicles.

That's down from 387 last year but not bad considering there was a discussion at last year's award presentation that the 2018 show might be the last. I know flyers for this year's show didn't appear until the middle of August, less than a month before the event.

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I managed to get two car shows and a football game in over Labor day weekend. I also got a little wet on Sunday.

Zucchinifest Car & Motorcycle Show

I started the weekend off with the Zucchinifest show on Friday evening at Fortress Obetz in Obetz, Ohio.

This was my first trip to the stadium. I failed to read the directions to the complex posted on the Festival's website and instead relied on Apple Maps to get me there. Big mistake! Apple maps insisted I enter the stadium from Williams Road, however, the Williams Road entrance was temporarily closed. The only way into the stadium was from the Alum Creek Drive entrance. Between Friday rush hour and holiday traffic, construction on I-71, and driving up and down Williams Road for 20 minutes, it took almost an hour to get to the stadium when it should have taken a little more than 30 minutes.

Once parked and my blood pressure back down to normal, Fortress Obetz turned out to be a pretty nice venue for a car show. The amusement rides and food vendors for the Zucchini Festival were setup in the parking lot outside the stadium while the car show took place inside around the main bleachers.

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A number of Top 100 winners from the Performance Classic Car Show, who may have left early because of the heat, have not picked up their trophy.

The list of winners can be found on the Performance Classic Car Show website.

If your name is on the list and you haven't picked up your award, please contact Jeff Brashares.

Show shirts are still available for $10 each. All proceeds from the sale of the shirt go to Impact 60 and the Arthritis Foundation charities.