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Welcome to Car Show Talk!

My name is Kim Hawksworth and I've been showing cars since 2012.  This year will be my sixth season attending car shows and cruise-ins in and around central Ohio.  During the past two years I participated in more than 85 shows and cruise-ins.

This year will also mark the third different car I will be showing.  I started with a 2012 victory red Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible.  In 2013 I replaced the SS with a victory red Camaro ZL1 convertible. This year the show car will be a brand new 2017 black Camaro ZL1 coupe that I purchased right off the truck in November.  The new car is a complete departure from my previous cars.  The prior two Camaros where highly customized and I expect the new Camaro will be no different.

I'm a car lover of old and new, but as you can see I have a particular fondness for the newer cars, especially Camaros and Corvettes.  Having spent the last 20 years working with computers, I'm absolutely fascinated by the technology in new cars.  

My love for cars started in the early '70s when I was in college.  During a 2 hour break between classes, a classmate took me to his house in the south end of Columbus to show me his silver and black 1966 Corvette convertible with 427 engine, side exhaust pipes and Hurst shifter.  Of course, I had to go for a ride!  While driving down Frebis Ave, he decided to open up the Corvette.  I had never been in a car with that much power before.  I remember the Corvette throwing me back in my seat and doing this little fish-tail down Frebis. The exhaust from those side-pipes was so loud it took a couple of hours for my hearing to return to normal.  It was at that point I became hooked on cars.

Now that you know a little about me, and what brought on my love for cars,  let me turn for a moment to the purpose of this website.

How many times have you asked a buddy if a show coming up is any good?  Or how many times have you been a little disappointed with the parking or the food or door prizes, or God forbid the judging?

The primary goal will be to preview and review in a fair and balanced way as many shows and cruise-ins as possible .  There are a lot of sites and "cruise lines" that list up coming events, but none that actually preview and review these events.  This site hopes to fit that bill.

In addition to show previews and reviews, there will also be articles on car detailing, performance mods, restoration and product reviews.  So stay tuned.  We hope to see you here often. It plans to be a busy season.

Best regards,