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2019 Save the Dates Part Two

Ongoing Events:


2 thoughts on “2019 Save the Dates Part Two

  1. Jeffrey R. Brashares

    The Marysville Charity Car Show (formerly in August), has been combined with the Delaware Classic Car Show which will be held on July 20 (formerly Blast from the Past).

    Honda Marysville does not have a new owner; rather a new Manager; and we decided that moving 250 cars off the parking lot; and putting them back; after three years of rain, was just too much work.

    Combining the Delaware and Marysville show, made more "cents"!

    1. Kim Hawksworth

      Jeffery, Thanks for the update and clarification regarding the Marysville show. I know the readers of this blog will find the info on the status of the show useful.

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